Top Bank Secures Quality Mobile App Experience

With Perfecto, a leading UK bank is testing their app continuously, at scale to ensure nothing less than a five-star experience.  

Benefits of Using Perfecto:


300k test cases performed each quarter in the cloud.


Daily releases supported by a green and clean pipeline.


Less noise and more focus through smart reporting and root cause analysis.

Challenge: Supporting 10 Million App Users 

One of the UK’s oldest banks needs a high-performing app that not only processes transactions for over ten million people but also represents the bank in place of brick-and-mortar. Due to the app’s level of intricacy and security, manual test methods are insufficient to ensure the quality of the app. The bank needs a product that delivers scalable and automated testing solutions so they can focus on what’s important – their customer experience. The solution? Perfecto.  

Results: Daily Test Releases  

The bank turned to Perfecto to automate their test cases across a variety of device models with a focus on mobile iOS and Android. With the speed that Perfecto affords to fuel their app development, the bank delivers daily test releases with confidence and performs 300,000 test cases each quarter with a high pass rate. Moreover, Perfecto seamlessly integrates with tools the bank was already using, like Appium. The holistic offering from Perfecto positions the bank to present their best self to their customers and propel them into the future of banking.  

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