With Perfecto’s Private Cloud, Elevate Applications Work on New Devices & Oses Within 2 Hours of Release

Elevate, a Texas-based online credit solutions company ensures a quality mobile web user experience with Perfecto. 

Benefits of Using Perfecto:


60% of test cases on mobile devices are automated.


The company can certify apps work on new devices and OSes within 2 hours of release.


100% of Rise and Elastic Certification Tests used to verify OS and browser updates were automated within 6 months.

Challenge: Keeping Up With Growing Demands

Until 2015, Elevate’s QA strategy for mobile was a manual process run by an outsourced team of five full-time testers. While this was an adequate short-term solution, outsourcing presented some challenges: security compliance, time constraints, tracking quality and collaboration issues, and a reactive approach. 

The company was also adopting a DevTest platform supporting both waterfall and agile processes during this timeframe. Elevate chose Microsoft’s DevOps platform due to the flexibility in supporting both approaches while offering the ability to support real-time insights throughout the SDLC.

“Perfecto has helped us think differently. It has enabled us to align [the] delivery of a great desktop web experience while also ensuring a great mobile browser experience, with little automation code change.” 

– Darrell Kennedy, Director of QA, Elevate

Results: More Mobile Traffic, Better Ratings 

Perfecto enables the company to address mobile market changes by verifying websites on browser/OS changes as they happen or before release. With Perfecto, it is easy to add release enhancements to the existing regression test suite and access new mobile devices. 

In addition to improved customer satisfaction and internal efficiencies, the company has realized operational and cost benefits, including test automation, same-day certification tests, cost-reduction, organizational alignment, and customer satisfaction.