Leading Insurance Company Headquartered in Europe Creates Global Shared Testing Service Significantly Reducing Costs


One of the biggest insurance companies in the world, active in more than 100 countries and winner of numerous awards as an insurance company at the forefront of digital innovation.


  • Headquartered in Europe, the goal for this global insurance provider was to invest in digital and better serve their customers and employees with accelerated business agility. However, they faced several challenges. The biggest one was how to create a globally shared testing service that could manage numerous different apps, test teams and a multitude of projects that spun across multiple European countries.
  • Each operating company was maintaining its own testing infrastructure without global visibility and collaboration across its digital activities. Smaller countries were not able to engage with automation due to local budgetary reasons, and this led to global projects being rolled out with different quality standards and velocity.


  • Perfecto provided a centrally managed and globally accessible cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab. Currently spread over 4 data centers, serving 6 OPCOs and 12 different projects, with expansion planned throughout 2017.
  • The insurance company created its own portal with Perfecto’s cloud based lab embedded into the portal enabling each OPCO to use the test, performance and functionality services they needed. Teams moved from manual to automated testing on real devices accessible in the cloud, began optimizing for responsive web, and incorporated real end user testing conditions like location through GPS injection.
  • Additionally, the central charge back function the insurance company put in place allowed them to internally cost and bill the different projects.
  • Perfecto’s open API and plug-ins to popular IDEs and test frameworks meant that teams could pick the development environment that best fit their needs and seamlessly integrate the CQ Lab into their existing workflow.


  • A major transformation across the organization, where all teams moved to an agile test environment.
  • The relaunch of the insurance company’s signature app which now supports responsive web, providing seamless digital transactional benefits that insurance end users expect.
  • A significant increase in ROI YOY due to device management savings, and mobile app projects now being rolled out on time and to the highest quality standards.
  • Overall, the creation of a scalable digital platform model that will be used for all future digital projects allowing the organization to react instantly to new market trends, changes in customer expectations, and the heterogeneous requirements of their global organization.