Health Insurance Company Adds Automation to Entire SDLC


A leading US health insurance company with an iOS, Android, and Responsive Web application.


  • Manual testing - Before working with Perfecto, this US health insurance company was performing all testing manually. Since all testing was manual, release cycles varied from 1-6 months, making it extremely difficult to keep up with market demands. To compensate, they hired additional staff, which was costly and unscalable.
  • Frustrated Teams – Testing teams and internal stakeholders were strained by the existing workloads further compounded by the need to hire additional staff to perform manual testing.


  • End-to-End Automation Solution – After a thorough tools evaluation exercise, the health insurance company decided Perfecto was the best match for their needs. Perfecto provided them with an easy to use, scalable, and secure testing solution that met all industry standards. Perfecto helped the client add automation throughout the entire release cycle including automated build validation tests, log in checks, backwards compatibility, regression, user acceptance readiness, and baseline checks.


  • Automation - Now that the health insurance company has added automation to their release cycle, they are able to cut their release cycle down to 2 weeks. This has allowed them to meet market demands and focus on producing features and less time resolving bugs. Adding automation has allowed them to increase their coverage 3x.
  • More with Less – With automation added to their release cycle, the client has been able to produce better features without increasing staff, adding stability to the team as well as improving cost-effectiveness. The team measures their success on a set of criteria: Scope, Number of Production Defects, and Timeliness. Since implementing Perfecto, they have consistently improved their score on every criteria, even achieving a perfect score in a recent release.
  • Happy Teams – Internal stakeholders at the company are happier with the product improvements and performance of the application team. They have complimented the team and are more confident in the product.