Large Retail Bank Optimizes Delivery Process to Release Award-winning Digital Applications


A large US retail bank with award-winning mobile and online apps focussed on helping customers bank better every day.

Better Together: Perfecto and Infosys’ strong partnership gave the customer an easy end-to-end solution


  • Manual testing - This large retail bank relied solely on manual testing across 5 devices which represented only 10% of their market. Manual testing caused them to take a risk-based approach to testing that significantly limited the test coverage required for high quality apps. As a result, testing was a major bottleneck for the release cycle and the quality of the app was low.
  • Escaped Defects – Manual testing and minimal test coverage resulted in 100+ defects escaping into production every release. This resulted in poor user experience as reflected by negative reviews and low app ratings. This limited their ability to get new features to market because the majority of their time was consumed with repairing defects.
  • Falling Behind the competition - With more and more banking customers utilizing digital channels and abandoning physical branches altogether, the customer’s poor user experience of their app and the slow time to market for features directly led to loss of customers to banks with better digital experiences.


  • End-to-End Solution – Infosys and Perfecto helped the large retail bank achieve a high level of unattended automated testing and provided a 24/7 cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab™ to be able to execute the automated testing across a full suite of real devices.


  • Automation - The large retail bank moved from manual testing to 80% automated testing of their test cases, increased device coverage to 32 devices (80% of their market) while increasing release velocity to support of quarterly releases.
  • Reduced Escaped Defects – With the increased test coverage, supported by the 24/7 managed test environment, the bank has been able to decrease the number of defects escaping into production by 60% and shifted detection of those defects to earlier in the process when they are much less costly and time-consuming to fix.
  • Competitive advantage – With an optimized digital delivery pipeline the bank has seen a major improvement in user experience and app ratings to the point where their effort has become recognized and resulted in an award-winning digital app. This turnaround in user experience of their app has resulted in a competitive advantage, driving improved brand image, customer retention, and customer growth within the key millennial demographic.