Large Retailer Eliminates SDLC Bottlenecks by Creating Fast Feedback Loops Through a High Percentage of Automation


This customer is a large retailer in the United States selling their products on web, Android, and iOS apps.

Better Together: Infosys and Perfecto’s strong partnership streamlined the process for the customer


  • Bottlenecks in the SDLC – This large beauty retailer’s 2017 goal was to increase releases from every 3 weeks to 2, but bottlenecks in the SDLC were slowing them down. Most of the beauty retailer’s testing for web, android, and iOS apps was done manually. The limited automation they did execute was run in a serial fashion where only one device could be tested at a time. This process took over a week to complete. If a defect was found by QA, they would then inform the development team, who would spend 40% of their time trying to replicate the same defect using their devices. They would have to go back and forth 3-5 times before it could be resolved.
  • Limited Coverage – The large beauty retailer had 10 devices for testing, which translated to 30% of their customer’s device usage. Having too few devices not only led to defects reaching production, but serious inefficiencies within the QA and development teams. QA would send a defect over to the development team, who wouldn’t be able to replicate the same problem because they didn’t have access to the same devices.
  • No real end user testing – The beauty retailer was not incorporating real enduser-conditions in their testing which led to escaped defects found in production. For example, one bug crashed the app whenever the user received a text.


  • End-to-End Solution – Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab provided a secure, always-on, cloud based platform which their development and QA teams worldwide could leverage to access real devices and web browsers for manual testing, functional automation, and automated testing under real end user conditions.


  • Smooth SDLC – Infosys and Perfecto provided the large beauty retailer with a solution both QA and development teams benefited from. They achieved 90% unattended parallel test automation for web and mobile apps, enabling nightly regression testing. They have been able to increase both release velocity and quality. They are currently releasing every 2 weeks, a whole week earlier than before.
  • Coverage - This large beauty retailer is on track to increase coverage to 95% within the next 6 months, ensuring customers have a great experience no matter the screen they are looking at.
  • End User Testing – This large beauty retailer is now testing real world conditions to accurately capture the experience of their customers and produce higher quality web and mobile app products.