M&T Bank Covers Testing Blind Spots for High-Quality Omni-Channel Apps with Perfecto

Benefits of Using Perfecto

Increased their testing coverage for their mobile web apps from 0% to 80%

Went from an in-house managed lab of a few devices to a robust mobile device pool of 26 real devices.

Achieved greater engagement across 20 different organizational groups.

About M&T Bank

M&T is a community bank delivering the capabilities  of a big bank with the care and empathy of a locally-focused institution. M&T offers offer advice, guidance, expertise and solutions across the entire financial spectrum, combining M&T’s traditional banking services with the wealth management and institutional capabilities offered by Wilmington Trust.


Prior to using Perfecto, M&T Bank’s Digital Business Division faced several coverage and operational issues.

  1. Limited & High-Maintenance Lab: M&T relied on their limited in-house device lab (consisting of just a few employee-owned devices) to conduct testing for their web and mobile banking applications. Additionally, it was time-consuming to manage and maintain their in-house devices and they longed for a greater variety of devices and OSs to test against.
  2. No Coverage for Mobile Web: In 2021, an estimated 30% of their user base was using the M&T mobile web app to access online banking. Prior to Perfecto, there was zero test coverage for mobile web, which presented a significant testing blind spot to their business.
  3. Overall Lack of Coverage: M&T needed to expand their testing capabilities and test a greater number of combinations and permutations to ensure a high-quality app experience for their user base. They also wanted to achieve greater testing coverage across their desktop web, mobile web and native mobile apps.
  4. Collaboration Issues: Prior to Perfecto, M&T experienced significant internal coordination challenges for the business across technical teams, particularly with networking and security concerns. When their devices were “in use” by other team members, they were unavailable to the rest of the team and prevented them from operating quickly and scaling their testing efforts. Additionally, offshore team members could not access M&T’s devices for testing at all.

Use Cases

M&T’s Digital Business division relies on Perfecto’s enterprise, private cloud offering to ensure flawless experiences for their online banking and mobile banking applications. Perfecto supports their need for testing their apps across a wide range of devices, browsers and OS combinations. Since Perfecto handles all the maintenance associated with device and browser updates, M&T can focus their efforts on running their automated tests smoothly without interruption.  

By using Adobe Analytics to gather usage statistics, M&T knows exactly which devices, browsers and OSs their customers are using. By leveraging this real-time information, they can select an intentional combination of real and virtual devices in the Perfecto device lab to maximize their test coverage based on their unique needs.

M&T utilizes Perfecto’s image injection feature extensively to ensure that their mobile check deposit functionality for their business banking applications works properly. Additionally, they leverage SIM card testing in their private cloud devices, which allows them to mimic end user conditions for a broader scope of testing.

Perfecto has carrier contracts associated with the devices, which allows M&T to perform testing for one-time password (OTP) validations, which is one of their main use cases. Having these advanced instrumentation capabilities is essential for M&T’s coverage strategy.

Currently, M&T’s digital business (which includes their online banking and mobile banking applications) heavily relies on Perfecto, totaling approximately 330 users across 15 teams. Their usage continues to grow as they are working to make Perfecto an enterprise-standard tool across the organization for manual and automated testing needs.


Since using Perfecto, M&T Bank experienced the following results and benefits:

  • Greater Coverage
  • Desktop Web: M&T now achieves over 80% more testing combinations for their desktop web application.
  • Mobile Web: M&T covered their massive testing blind spot associated with their mobile web experience by establishing and increasing their mobile web app coverage from 0% to 80%.
  • Broader Device Variety: M&T expanded their device mix from a few self-managed devices to 26 real devices hosted in their dedicated Perfecto enterprise cloud. With Perfecto’s robust and constantly updated mobile device lab, M&T can easily test on the most popular combinations and introduce more unique combinations with virtual devices.
  • Better Insights for Decision Making: By leveraging rich artifacts such as screenshots, videos and logs, M&T can easily replicate defects in production and diagnose defects quicker than ever before.
  • Faster Testing: M&T speeds up their testing cycles with Perfecto’s parallel test execution capability.
  • Improved Collaboration: Perfecto’s smart reporting and rich artifacts enable M&T to easily produce and share audit evidence with other stakeholders. For the first time, M&T was able to not only provide device access for their offshore team members but also grant multiple users access to use a single device — both of which have resulted in greater engagement across 20 different organizational groups.
  • Better Quality Apps: In a recent release, Perfecto helped M&T bank find a critical defect before it was pushed to production.


“Perfecto’s support model is among the best of the vendors that I interact with on a regular basis.”
- Thomas Haver
Master Software Engineer at M&T Bank

“Perfecto has helped us close our feature gaps and has given us greater confidence in releasing better quality applications.”
- Thomas Haver
Master Software Engineer at M&T Bank

“It is very easy to get the latest and greatest devices into our testing pool.”
- Thomas Haver
Master Software Engineer at M&T Bank

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