A Large Insurance Company Transitioned from Manual Testing to 80% Automation in 1 Year, While Saving $2M in Costs


This insurance company is a leading property and casualty insurance provider in the US, focused on using mobile/digital technology to enhance the way consumers interact with their brand. The client tested 3+ applications using the Perfecto platform.


  • High Cost of quality – The insurance client invested resources in manual testing with little automation resulting in inadequate test coverage and increased defect risks.
  • Security and compliance – Due to limited numbers of company devices, the client’s employees used personal devices to execute tests. This created over a million dollar risk exposure to the company as employees were going through firewalls and accessing secure back-end systems on non-secure devices.
  • Uplanned Security Expenses - This client contributed $250k in emergency security funding to address the security risk caused by employees testing on personal devices.


  • Always on test ready lab with automation training - Perfecto provided the insurance client with an open-source framework, a cloud hosted Mobile and Desktop Testing Platform, and hours of automation training, allowing on and off-shore teams to execute automated tests efficiently 24/7/365.


  • Test automation – The client is on-track to reach 80% automation in the first year.
  • Cost reduction – Projected 1-year savings: $1.9 Million*
  • Optimized resources – All 9 CIO departments that manage the client’s 15+ apps targeted to benefit from this solution, now have access to the Perfecto CQ Lab, removing any resource and time restrictions previously experienced.
  • Security compliance - 100% compliant with the client’s security standards, avoiding millions of dollars of risk.
*Client’s cost formula: 20% of Automation = 10% Reduction in FTE (Full Time Employee Cost)