Welcome to the Age of Test Automation 

Today, automated testing is vital, and getting it right saves lives. Perfecto creates testing solutions for sophisticated healthcare organizations, device manufacturers, care providers, and big pharma.  

Transform Your Testing 

Saving Lives With Perfecto

Bugs in healthcare apps cause major damage: fines, interrupted workflows, and compromised staff and patients. Perfecto's hybrid cloud ensures your app is ready for the market.

Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud 

Keep devices on-premise ✓ Avoid costly software maintenance ✓ Save time ✓ 


Release Innovative & Secure Apps With Advanced Automation 

With Perfecto, you can automate advanced scenarios, like integrating with Bluetooth-connected medical devices such as ultrasounds and insulin pumps.  

When automating testing with Perfecto, integrations, and support are seamless, which means your app will be more reliable than ever before. Now, you can support advanced test cases — all within a hybrid cloud that is always on and up to date. 


Meet Your Compliance & Regulation Requirements 

As regulatory requirements continue to evolve, device quality assurance is critical. Partner with Perfecto to avoid bottlenecks, stay ahead of the curve, and release products globally.  Through audits Perfecto shines and helps teams meet all their compliance and regulation requirements.  

Test your app on multiple devices to ensure reliability, security, and compliance. 


Secure Sensitive Data With a Private Cloud 

Perfecto’s private testing cloud creates a secure working environment. Our healthcare clients are confident in the protection and immunity of their software. 

Perfecto meets the strictest security and compliance regulations. Our certifications include SOC II, ISO 27001, and GDPR. With Perfecto, ensure your app is compliant with global healthcare standards, including HIPAA, IEC 62304, FDA 21, and PHI.  

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Support for Mission Critical Applications

Teams must have a high performing apps and systems due to real time diagnostics for patient care.

Performance and load testing with Perfecto includes user conditions such as varying network conditions (poor 4G, 3g, etc.), apps running in the background, and the latency of sensors like location and camera. These factors need to be tested across devices and OS versions in order to support mission critical apps. 

Secure & Protect Devices that Hospitals Rely on

Perfecto is fully integrated with NowSecure. 


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