How Appium Desktop Inspector and Perfecto Work Together

Here's how Appium desktop Inspector and Perfecto work together. 

What Is Appium Desktop Inspector?

Appium Inspector is a desktop object identification tool which is designed to help you discover and obtain unique object identifiers for the visible elements of the app during the development of test scripts. 

Using Appium Desktop Inspector, you can understand and visualize the element hierarchy easily and view attributes of individual elements (name, ID, values, etc.). It is also possible to manually interact with the device session by way of swipes and touches from its UI.

Perfecto integrates fully with Appium Inspector. It is easy to set up Appium Inspector to use Perfecto as there is a built-in Perfecto configuration section in its settings.

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Appium Desktop Inspector Features

Appium Desktop Inspector helps you visualise the element hierarchy and obtain attributes of individual elements.

Appium Inspector also works with iOS simulators and Android emulators, in addition to real devices.


How to Use Appium Desktop (Inspector)

The following video highlights how to use Appium desktop — Appium Inspector. It walks through:

  • How to start a session.
  • How to use it with Perfecto.

Key Benefits of Using Appium Inspector and Perfecto

Appium Inspector is widely used by test developers. Integrating with Appium Inspector allows you to use your most familiar inspection tooling whilst enjoying the full benefits offered by Perfecto.

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