How Axe Can Help

Axe is the world’s most popular accessibility testing toolkit. It is built on the world’s most popular accessibility rules library. Axe is ideal for development teams testing their web or Android applications to help identify and resolve common accessibility issues.

Built to scale with your needs, users have run Axe for everything from ad-hoc single page tests to testing hundreds of thousands of pages while integrated into existing CI/CD pipeline. It’s simple to use, doesn’t require advanced accessibility knowledge, and won’t waste your time with false positives.

Image Integration Axe

About the Axe Integration

At Perfecto, we understand the need to test accessibility requirements on various platforms. The example project below highlights Perfecto’s ability to work with Axe-core library to complete an accessibility scan on a desktop browser/mobile browser.

The project aims to achieve the following:

  1. Specify a URL to scan.
  2. Execute Axe-core library to scan the page.
  3. Parse the accessibility report back into Perfecto Digital Zoom report.

Axe Integration Prerequisites

Documentation is written using IntelliJ & Gradle.

  1. Clone the project from GitLab.
  2. Open the project in IntelliJ. From the terminal, execute Gradle clean install to download all the dependencies. 
  1. Under TestNG.xml update the following:
    a. URL to scan with Axe-core.
    b. SecurityToken.
    c. Perfecto cloud URL.
  1. To execute the scan, right click on TestNG.xml and run using TestNg.
  1. Once complete, open up the Perfecto Reporting and Analytics platform. All the accessibility issues will be displayed using an assertion.

Tip: Downloading the assertions report will output all the issues in a PDF file for your developers to fix.


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