Benefits of Using Azure DevOps With Perfecto

Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) is a Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) from Microsoft, which provides developer services, collaborates on code development, and builds and deploys applications. 

Integrating Perfecto with Azure DevOps helps teams do continuous web and mobile testing by making these tests an integral part of the DevOps life cycle. Teams are then empowered to test at scale.

Azure DevOps

How Azure DevOps Works With Perfecto

With the Azure DevOps and Perfecto integration, users can download test repositories to their framework and execute their tests on the Perfecto platform.   

You can also integrate the Azure DevOps pipeline in a CI/CD process with Perfecto Smart Reporting to analyze test results using the CI Dashboard view. 

Azure DevOps Testing

Get Started With Perfecto and Azure DevOps

You can use Azure DevOps predefined variables to provide the Job Name and Job Number parameters to the Smart Reporting feature. See the complete list of Azure DevOps predefined variables for reference.  

Azure DevOps integration setup

See Azure DevOps and Perfecto in Action

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