Benefits of Using GitLab With Perfecto

GitLab is a reliable, secure, and easy to use public Git solution for global developers. 

With the Gitlab and Perfecto integration, users can leverage GitLab’s CI/CD features to execute automated tests on Perfecto devices.  

Image Integration GitLab

How GitLab Works With Perfecto

Prepare GitLab Runner 

Like other CI/CD solutions, users must prepare a proper GitLab runner to run their builds. It is possible to set up the GitLab runner on almost any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac). 

Prepare Docker Image & .GitLab-CI.yml 

Build a working Docker image and push it to a public Docker registry, with the help of this package. Then users can set up the CI/CD procedure for the project in GitLab. 

GitLab integration setup

Get Started With Perfecto and GitLab

Use this sample project to help with getting started.  

Gitlab integration schedule run

See GitLab and Perfecto in Action

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