Benefits of Using Jira With Perfecto

Jira is an issue and project tracking software that allows your team to plan, track, and manage agile and software development projects. Perfecto’s integration with Jira streamlines the discussions that occur between QA & developers after finding a defect. 

With the click of a button, our Jira integration enables your team to quickly find and report defects, as well as restore the fixed features back into the central system. 

Image Integrations Jira

How Jira Works With Perfecto

Configure Jira and Perfecto Smart Reporting 

By identifying the Smart Reporting feature as a communication peer for Jira, the Smart Reporting interface can then communicate with Jira and enable you to open new issues for your Jira project. 

Create & Track Issues With Single Test Report (STR) 

The Perfecto STR allows you to connect directly to your project's Jira space. Based on the test results, you can both generate and track the issues recorded in Jira from the STR display. 

Image Single Test Report

Get Started With Perfecto and Jira

Configure the integration between Smart Reporting and JIRA through the Assets and Setup view in your Perfecto account. Note that you will need to be an admin user to configure Jira. 

From this simple integration validation, you can immediately start creating Jira issues within Perfecto. 

Configuring Jira and Perfecto

See Jira and Perfecto in Action

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