Benefits of Using qTest With Perfecto

qTest is a test management software used for bug tracking and project management. Perfecto’s integration with qTest helps testers and developers quickly discuss and resolve issues after finding a defect.  

Through an Open API in Perfecto’s reporting dashboard, users can customize the way information is passed between Perfecto and qTest to resolve issues more quickly.  

Image Integration qTest

How qTest Works With Perfecto

Teams can implement Perfecto’s Smart Reporting API into their qTest projects. Through this integration, users can view the status of automated tests run in Perfecto in qTest Manager.  Users can also receive a link to the report created by the Perfecto Smart Reporting feature in the qTest Manager UI. 

qTest Manager

Get Started With Perfecto and qTest

See an example setup of the qTest integration. 


Perfecto Parser for qTest

See qTest and Perfecto in Action

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