How Slack Can Help Testing Teams

Slack is great for team collaboration to quickly get things done.

Perfecto can interact with a Slack channel to ensure test execution results are communicated to your team members quickly, allowing fast feedback and issue resolution.

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How Slack and Perfecto Work Together

Get instant Slack notifications directly from Perfecto when your tests execute. Slack messages link directly back to the execution report located inside Perfecto.

That means there’s no more waiting for results or wondering if the latest commit worked. Get notified as soon as the test results are available. Now teams can truly collaborate effectively.

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How to Integrate Slack and Perfecto

1. Install and Configure the Slack Plugin for Jenkins

In this step, you install the Slack plugin for Jenkins and configure it with your workspace information and credentials.

To install and configure the Slack plugin for Jenkins:

  1. Install the Slack plugin for Jenkins from the Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins view.
  2. If needed, create a channel in Slack
  3. Go to: https://<workspace>  where <workspace> is the name of your workspace.
  4. Select the channel name and click Add Jenkins CI integration.
  1. In Jenkins, go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System.
  2. Under Slack > Workspace, enter your Slack Workspace name.
  3. Create a secret credential text, provide your Slack integration credential token ID (provided by Slack) as its value, and select this text as the credential.

2. Configure the Jenkins Job With a Custom Message

In this step, you configure the Jenkins job with a custom message that includes a link to the report in the Perfecto Test Analysis view.

To configure the Jenkins job:

  1. In Jenkins, open your Jenkins job config.
  2. In the Post-build Actions section of the project configuration, select Slack Notifications.
  3. Click Advanced and select the desired notifications (such as Notify Success and Notify Every Failure) based on the job status.
  4. Find and select the Include Custom Message checkbox.
  5. In the Custom Message field, add the following text:
    View your Perfecto report at: https://${cloudName}[0]=${JOB_NAME}&jobNumber[0]=${BUILD_NUMBER}
    ${cloudName} is the prefix of your Perfecto cloud. For example, if you access Perfecto at, then ${cloudName}=demo.

The following sample Slack channel image below shows the Jenkins job name, number, status, and Perfecto CI Dashboard Smart Reporting link:

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The following image to the left shows a sample CI Dashboard integration with Slack.


Key Benefits of Using Slack and Perfecto

  • Communicate test results into any Slack channel instantly. No more waiting for results!
  • Quickly view test failures and resolve them on the next build.
  • Ensure visibility into test execution results for those team members not part of the test reporting.
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