Simulation Testing: All User Conditions on All Digital Platforms For True Digital Coverage

Your app may work in ideal conditions. But today’s users also need it to work in ALL conditions. Before it ends up on a user’s screen, an app should go through simulation testing against varying user conditions and environments across the right devices and platforms.

Go beyond the functional testing of features under generic conditions. Give your mobile app testing the intense, real-world user-condition testing it deserves with Perfecto’s real user simulation features.

Using a retail app

Network quality cellular, Wi-Fi

Varied device conditions

Multiple devices, specific profiles


Resource conflicts

Interacting with sensors

Peak time — millions of transactions

Test Conditions Your Users Experience

It is important for your mobile app testing to reflect the same environmental profiles as your users. With Perfecto’s real user simulation testing, you’ll apply conditions your users experience for vastly smarter, more targeted digital testing.

Device Sensor

  • Biometrics
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Audio injection
  • Rotation


  • 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, airplane mode
  • Cellular support & Wi-Fi
  • Network throttling
  • Network latency
  • Packet loss

Environmental Conditions

  • Device vitals
  • Apps running in the background
  • Conflicting apps
  • Call and text interruptions

Why You Need to Test User Conditions

The mobile landscape is highly fragmented and complex. It holds unexpected environmental conditions and interruptions that can impact application quality and performance.

Consider the varying quality of network conditions. LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, and device and OS-specific issues all need to be tested, as do conditions such as multiple apps running in the background and location changes.

You need to test all user conditions prior to a release. This allows you to prevent as many escaped defects as possible — and all the extra work they add on.

Organizations find it hard to triage failures following an execution — with or without continuous integration (CI). Planning, management, and optimization of test cycles based on proper insights is a significant challenge for DevOps teams.

With real user simulation testing, teams can test for all conditions users will experience and eliminate the cascade of extra work that accompanies escaped defects.

Image Real User Simulation Escaped Defects

Automate Persona-Based User Testing Conditions

Perfecto makes persona-based user condition testing easier. Use Perfecto’s pre-built persona templates or create custom personas of your own. Run tests across personas using common CI servers, like Jenkins, or test execution managers, like TestNG. Since Perfecto is a complete end-to-end testing platform, persona info is also integrated into your test analysis and reporting.

With Perfecto persona-based testing features you can:

  • Automate the lab configuration to meet desired end user conditions.
  • Align coverage planning to business priorities and the target market.
  • Communicate application quality risks in business terms.
Image Real User Persona

See Advanced Automation with Perfecto

Debug Your Apps Under Real User Conditions

Additionally, Perfecto allows DevOps teams to debug their apps under those same real user conditions that are tested through a 100% cloud-based remote access feature. This feature allows developers to launch real devices in ADB mode.

Debug Apps

test validation

Simulate Realistic Mobile Traffic Patterns

Perfecto and BlazeMeter are the first in the industry to offer UX load testing that simulates real-world conditions for your mobile devices.

Test both your mobile user experience and your backend under load in the cloud and scale up to over two million virtual users. Generate detailed server and end-user experience reports so you can measure and understand how your mobile app is impacted under heavy load.

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