Benefits of Perfecto Remote Device Testing & App Debugging


Remote App Debugging

Securely access real remote devices as if they were connected via USB with DevTunnel.

Fast Feedback

Reduce the time it takes to reproduce, investigate, and validate bug fixes with feedback across the entire lifecycle.


Open & Integrated

Work within your IDE and framework of choice.

Secured Network Connectivity

Leverage DevTunnel and Perfecto’s secured VPN for the most secure connection to any device in the cloud.


Increased Visibility

Gain access to real device network logs, shell commands, HAR files, and more to repurpose defects.

Mobile Device & Browser Coverage

Access thousands of real mobile devices and browsers for development and testing.

Increase Developer Productivity With Remote App Debugging

Developers spend most of their day in their IDE. But oftentimes they are pulled away to debug issues.

Give your developers the gift of time.

With Perfecto, developers can easily connect via DevTunnel to the exact devices — under the exact same test conditions — where real test failures were found. This saves them hours or even days setting up the environment needed to reproduce the failure and debug code.

Developers can leverage remote USB connections to real smartphones from their IDE. This allows them to develop and test on both mobile native and mobile web apps remotely.

Debug code line by line. Device by device. In the cloud. On real mobile devices.

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Code and Debug Apps All From Your IDE

Code, validate, debug, repeat.

Whether you’re working on new features or debugging apps, hunting for the right device and configuring environments wastes precious time. Perfecto provides immediate, hassle-free access to the widest variety of mobile devices right from your IDE so you can quickly get back to coding.

Whether you’re debugging native Android or iOS apps, Perfecto has you covered even for your mobile web apps.

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Test & Validate Code With Remote Device Testing

Think you’re ready to close that story or bug? About to commit a patch? Will it break the build? 

What you don’t know matters.

Perfecto helps you validate your work fast on real platforms before check in. Easily execute tests written in Espresso, XCTest, Selenium, or other test frameworks on multiple platform versions and form factors directly from your workstation.

Quicker validations accelerate your delivery and help your bottom line with remote device testing.

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Build & Verify Code

Preventing bugs, rather than merely detecting them, requires fast and complete feedback across your entire delivery process.

From unit and smoke tests on incremental and branch builds to fully automated UI regression testing on pre-release candidates, we’ve got you covered.

Perfecto offers the test coverage you need executed in parallel across environments, platform capabilities, and real user conditions.

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Analyze & Act

Continuous testing creates lots of data. But where should you focus?

Perfecto’s machine learning (ML) powered test reporting and analysis platform enables you to quickly understand overall quality and instantly take action. Within a single interface, teams can collaborate on issues, track project quality changes over time, and reduce mean time to resolution.

Thanks to visual analytics, detailed test reports, and high-level heatmaps, you’ll get the visibility you need to overcome bottlenecks and release on time.


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