Mock Services for Mobile Testing With BlazeMeter

Dependencies and bottlenecks getting in the way of your testing?  

BlazeMeter’s Mock Services helps you break through common roadblocks when your mobile app requires several backend services to function properly but are not yet available. Virtualize a mobile gateway or other backend services so you work faster and more efficiently. 

For the times when your team is early in development and the mobile gateway is not yet built, there are third-party issues, or you are experiencing firewall or other network issues, BlazeMeter has you covered. 

By incorporating mock services into your mobile testing strategy, you’ll benefit by: 

  • Removing dependencies to test faster and more completely. 
  • Creating virtual services quickly and easily. 
  • Simulating realistic testing scenarios. 
  • Utilizing SaaS-based mock services at a fraction of the cost of traditional SV solutions. 
  • Enabling better collaboration and improved efficiency. 

Ditch Testing Dependencies & Bottlenecks

BlazeMeter's Mock Services supercharges your testing strategy so you can take the testing back into the tester's hands by virtualizing the services you need.

Remove Dependencies & Bottlenecks

BlazeMeter’s mock services enhances Perfecto’s mobile testing capabilities clearing the path of roadblocks to smooth testing.