Scale your automated testing like a pro with Perfecto with Appium.

Appium makes it easier to automate testing. But it can’t do everything. It’s important to do Appium mobile app testing the right way. And that means leveraging a mobile device cloud like Perfecto.  

With Perfecto, you get all the benefits of testing with Appium — without the drawbacks. The two seamlessly integrate, so you can run your Appium scripts on mobile devices in a secure, enterprise-grade testing cloud. 

Watch this session with Johnny Lam, Director of Global Solutions Engineering, who explores the benefits of Perfecto and Appium.  

Topics Include 

  • Common challenges with open-source Appium.  
  • Hidden costs when scaling Appium for CI/CD. 
  • How Perfecto faces these challenges and scales your existing testing across platforms. 
  • Finding and fixing bugs faster through advanced reporting. 
  • Integrating Appium and Perfecto together.  
  • Advanced Appium use cases including biometric authentication and voice recognition.  

See for yourself how Perfecto makes testing with Appium so much better.  

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portrait of Jonny Lam, Perfecto

Johnny Lam

Director - Global Sales Engineering

Johnny helps Fortune 500 enterprises and leading tech companies optimize and implement modern test automation strategies. With a software engineering background and over 10 years of experience embedded in development and testing teams, Johnny is both knowledgeable and passionate about improving testing efficiency and quality at scale.