Experience How Easy Modern Accessibility Testing Can Be With Perfecto + Evinced.

Development and QA are under tremendous pressure as businesses embark on digital transformation.  

Early pipeline testing allows teams to catch issues when they are easier and cheaper to fix. This saves money and improves the quality of the end-user experience.  

Unfortunately, accessibility testing is not included in early testing because traditional accessibility tools cannot scale or keep up with modern release cycles.  

For enterprises to shift accessibility testing left they need a solution that:

  • Scales quickly. 
  • Teams can easily implement and maintain.
  • Provides clear and actionable results.
  • Finds critical accessibility issues that impact users.
  • Covers all the most popular web and mobile platforms.

Together, Evinced and Perfecto create an enterprise-ready solution for shifting accessibility testing left. Evinced produces scalable, modern accessibility solutions that integrate with Perfecto’s cloud-based continuous testing platform.   

Watch this webinar to see how Evinced & Perfecto partner together to shift left accessibility testing at scale.

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portrait of Jonny Lam, Perfecto

Johnny Lam

Director - Global Sales Engineering

Johnny helps Fortune 500 enterprises and leading tech companies optimize and implement modern test automation strategies. With a software engineering background and over 10 years of experience embedded in development and testing teams, Johnny is both knowledgeable and passionate about improving testing efficiency and quality at scale.

kevin berge

Kevin Berg

Systems Engineer, Evinced

Kevin is an experienced Sales/Solution Engineering leader with a passion for creating and communicating customized technical solutions and strategy to the enterprise.