It’s time to take control of your testing. For too long, testers have put up with roadblocks that have been out of their hands — setting up environments, getting quality data, time crunches, and more. 

That ends now. 

With BlazeMeter’s Mock Services for Mobile, testers are taking the lead. No longer will your process be interrupted by stops and starts. You’ll be able to: 

  • Create virtual substitutes to missing backend services. 
  • Create a stable test environment that YOU have the power to modify. 
  • Populate your mock services with synthetic test data. 
  • Incorporate negative testing into your shift-left strategy. 

In this webinar, you will learn how BlazeMeter’s Mock Services can help you:  

  • Eliminate Dependencies - Remove constraints like missing backend services. If you don’t have a real, live test environment, mock services will virtualize the next best thing. 
  • Enable Shift-Left Testing - Test early and often! Mock services for mobile enables a better-quality app. You can be more proactive, which will save you time and money in the long run. 
  • Control & Autonomy for Testers – Rather than relying on infrastructure teams to create a testing environment or DBAs to procure test data, you’ll be fully in control and able to test independently. 

Watch this webinar to start taking back control in your testing!

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joe boebinger

John Boebinger

Manager Client Solutions, Perforce Continuous Testing

John Boebinger has been involved in software development for more than 40 years. His career began at Digital Equipment Corp as a Software Development Manager responsible for the delivery of products such as VAX VTX and TeamLinks. In 1998, he joined CA Technologies, which was acquired by Broadcom in 2018. Currently, he is a consultant for Perforce Continuous Testing, focusing on such technologies as performance testing, functional testing of mobile, web, and APIs, service virtualization, and test data.

Koustubh Warty

Koustubh Warty

Product Manager, Perforce

Koustubh Warty has extensive experience working with customers from different verticals over the past 22 years. Prior to taking up the Product Management role, he led the SWAT/Customer Advocate team for CA Service Virtualization closely collaborating with customers. With his hands-on approach, he loves talking to customers on technical aspects of the product as well as at a strategic level.