Many organizations do not worry about security testing until the end of each release cycle, or worse—only when something goes wrong. Mobile app security breaches are happening more often even to the biggest teams like Apple iMessage, Amazon Ring, ParkMobile, Slack and Walgreens. 

Success means incorporating both functional and security testing sooner in your DevOps pipelines—or you put your company and customers at extreme risk. With Perfecto and NowSecure, you can fully automate your security and functional testing with comprehensive mobile test coverage across apps and devices integrated into the pipeline tools you already use.  

On this webinar, Brian Reed (Chief Mobility Officer at NowSecure) and Johnny Lam (Director of Global Solutions Engineering, Perfecto by Perforce) cover:

  • The dangers of late-stage manual testing.   
  • Why shift-left for functional and security testing is crucial for reliable and secure apps.   
  • How Perfecto and NowSecure help you deliver high quality mobile apps at scale.   
  • For your apps to survive and thrive in the next decade and beyond, you must bring together automated continuous functional and security testing in the mobile DevOps pipeline.  



Brian Reed

Brian Reed

Chief Mobility Officer, NowSecure

Brian Reed is a noted authority on mobile DevSecOps, bringing decades of experience in mobile, apps, security and innovation helping Fortune 2000 global organizations, public sector leaders, transformation trailblazers and top mobile brands while growing NowSecure, BlackBerry, Good Technology, BoxTone, ZeroFox, MicroFocus and more.

portrait of Jonny Lam, Perfecto

Johnny Lam

Director - Global Sales Engineering

Johnny helps Fortune 500 enterprises and leading tech companies optimize and implement modern test automation strategies. With a software engineering background and over 10 years of experience embedded in development and testing teams, Johnny is both knowledgeable and passionate about improving testing efficiency and quality at scale.