Major new releases from Apple (iOS 15) and Android (Android 12) mean new things to test. Are you ready enough?

Watch this session with Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist at Perfecto by Perforce, where he’ll cover the need-to-know details of new releases from Apple, Android, and others and leave you with useful action items to bring to dev and testing teams.

  • What to anticipate. 
  • How to strategize.  
  • Timelines to consider. 
  • New tests to develop. 

Get Ready With Perfecto

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Eran Kinsbruner

Eran Kinsbruner

DevOps Chief Evangelist & Sr. Director at Perforce Software, Perfecto

Eran Kinsbruner is a person overflowing with ideas and inspiration, beyond that, he makes them happen. He is a best-selling author, continuous-testing and DevOps thought-leader, patent-holding inventor (test exclusion automated mechanisms for mobile J2ME testing), international speaker, and blogger

With a background of over 20 years of experience in development and testing, Eran empowers clients to create products that their customers love, igniting real results for their companies.