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October 16, 2021

Guide to Digital Testing Challenges

Mobile Application Testing

Digital Testing Is Critical

Digital testing creates optimal user experiences. From mobile to mobile web and desktop browsers, all platforms need to be tested. Digital testing may include usability, accessibility, and other types of testing. Due to market fragmentation, digital testing is more complicated than ever, and testers and dev teams face numerous testing challenges.

In the past, organizations were able to easily define their target devices and platforms on which to test their products. But today the reality of digital testing is much more complicated.

The mobile and web markets are constantly changing, making it hard to predict and define a digital testing strategy. As an example, in 2015 alone (see image below) there were more than 30 significant new device launches and around 20 mobile operating system releases. In the desktop browser space, we saw about the same number of OS releases in 2015. Most of these releases are auto updated on the users' machines, adding more complexity to your digital testing strategy.

2015 Mobile Retrospective

Combining multiple data sources helps achieve several goals, including:

  1. Validate internal data
  2. Learn from the market and fine-tune where needed
  3. Gain visibility into what devices and OS versions are coming in the near future 

Prioritize Digital Testing

Building a digital test lab involves many data sources and considerations. It's not just about desktop browsers and mobile platforms, but also about the environments in which they operate.

And because digital testing is so complex, insights about customer and market data need to be visible to everyone involved in the delivery chain — from marketing to IT ops to DevTest. Everyone has a hand in releasing a great digital product to market.

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