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January 19, 2022

Introducing Insights for Perfecto's Analytics and Reporting

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A common challenge that automation engineers and QA managers face is how to process the data from their test automation reports.  Separating real issues from false negatives caused by script, environment, and lab issues beyond a team's control is time and resource-consuming. Additionally, with the sheer amount of data at their fingertips, it is difficult to determine which issues to focus on and what is causing them. 

Perfecto's test reporting and analytics has many robust features that help you find and fix bugs faster. We’re excited to share brand new enhancements including improved search and filtering capabilities and Perfecto Testing Insights (“Insights”), which is currently available for all customers to leverage.  

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The Insights view showcases a dashboard of data consisting of three powerful widgets that provide you with greater visibility and context into test status, so you can save even more time identifying, prioritizing, and fixing issues. Insights also provides intelligent analysis and actionable advice on how to proceed, so you can act quickly and improve your tests. 

Here’s a quick overview of the type of information and benefits you can get from these new widgets:

Failures by Category

The Failures by Category widget identifies real issues in your tests and automatically classifies the failures by similar root causes. You get a consolidated breakdown of why failures are occurring, due to scripting errors, app crashes, environment issues, and more. 

This view helps you to filter, analyze and fix bulk issues at once, so you can quickly optimize your entire suite and maintain healthy pipelines.

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History and Trends

The history and trends widget shows you trendlines on how your suite performed over a period of time, including the numbers of passed, failed, and blocked tests. These trendlines can forecast the general direction of your tests. Is the number of failing and blocked tests decreasing? Is the number of passing tests increasing? This kind of data provides clarity and helps you assess the situation and take action. 

This widget is a helpful aid to track if your testing efforts are improving over time. And with proper remediation, it will help facilitate a more consistent and higher quality testing suite.

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The Most Common Issues

Failures happen. But what next? Where do you start investigating? The Most Common Issues widget pinpoints specific issues and shares recommendations on where to begin fixing your tests. You will eliminate guesswork and troubleshooting so you can  drill down to the source of the issue. 

By tackling the issues that cause a higher percentage of fail rates, you can efficiently boost the overall quality of your suite and ensure that your test cases and test environment are healthy.

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The Bottom Line

If you are a current Perfecto customer, the Insights view and enhanced capabilities are available for you to start using, in the Test Analysis section. For more information on how to interpret and utilize the data from the Insights dashboard, check out our documentation.

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