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November 15, 2021

Mobile Website Testing Recommendations


Today, we want everything at our fingertips. Our growing demands have created pressure for testing mobile websites and optimizing for as many devices as possible. With worldwide users, companies must ensure that all their website functions work, all the time. A slow website can cost $1.6 billion in sales, making it vitally important to perform mobile website testing. 

This is a difficult task. As websites and devices become more complex, so does the testing associated with them. So, what is mobile website testing, why does it matter, and how can your team get started? Read on for our recommendations.  

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What Is Mobile Website Testing?

Mobile web testing verifies that a web application functions across different mobile devices and OS versions. It covers aspects of performance and availability of the web app across these platforms including accessibility of the web for any users with disabilities. Mobile web testing should also cover security across the different devices, network, and environments. 

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Why Testing Mobile Websites Matters

There are 80.69% of people in the world who own a smartphone in 2021. The majority of users have different screen resolutions, and websites must be adjusted to work on all of them. Users will not return to websites if they are glitchy, making it vitally important to perform mobile website testing.  

Here are some more reasons why testing mobile websites are important: 

Improved Search Result Ranking 

Google ranks websites according to how mobile-friendly they are. If the sites are mobile-friendly, they will appear higher in the search results, boosting the discoverability of our site.  

Device Compatibility 

To ensure websites run across all screen resolutions, we have to perform mobile web testing. Understanding what devices consumers use helps teams prioritize testing for testing on the most popular devices. Do not wait to test all of your app’s features at once. Instead, outline multiple packet scenarios that are critical for reliable performance.  

Better Design  

Aesthetics are important, and mobile websites must have a good design in order to keep and attract users. Because older browsers may not always support niche design features, we must do mobile web testing to guarantee that our features operate as intended. 

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Recommendations for Testing Mobile Websites

What are the best practices available for testing mobile websites? It is a million-dollar question with, thankfully, simple solutions. Here are a few things to focus on to get started.  

Cross-Platform Testing 

Your website may work perfectly on an Android 10 device but not on an Android 6.0 device. This is where cross-platform testing is a critical part of the quality assurance process. To be successful, you need to develop the right cross-platform testing strategy when testing mobile websites. And to do that, you need to consider test coverage. 

You should test your app on every potential combination of operating systems, screen sizes, and resolutions that your users have. This guarantees that the software behaves consistently across all platforms. 

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Using Emulators and Simulators for Early Testing 

Nothing beats a real device for accuracy. But adding Android emulators and iOS simulators to your testing for testing early in the feature development cycle is a fast, scalable, and cost-efficient way to extend test coverage and minimize escaped defects. 

Emulators and simulators cannot catch every bug. But testing on real devices only can result in limited coverage. With Perfecto, teams have one platform with a proven strategy for mobile app testing on real and virtual devices. 

Using Real Devices for Later-Stage Testing 

Emulators and simulators have a place. However, they cannot account for all of the browsing, network connections, and endless device and operating system combinations that real users face. Real device testing provides an objective review of how your app performs in the hands of your customers. When it comes to functionality, real device testing is unrivaled.  

Perfecto provides instant cloud access to real devices for interactive and automated testing, teams can test just like their users — from anywhere in the world. 

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Frameworks to Automate Mobile Website Testing

Automating mobile web application testing allows you to focus on what matters most: delivering new, high-quality features to market quickly. However, to make this a reality, your team needs the correct automation tool for testing mobile websites. 

Automation tools can significantly reduce our efforts, costs, and time. Not only that, but when we automate our testing, they are more accurate. Aside from providing improved test coverage, automation also saves time. 

Perfecto offers cross-browser testing as well as a pool of thousands of genuine devices on which you may run tests. Our cross-browser automation testing solution uses different cloud environments for cross-browser and cross-device testing and allows concurrent execution. Some of the frameworks we support are: 


Appium is the leading framework for mobile app testing automation. It works on both Android and iOS apps. You can test mobile native, web, and hybrid app tests with Appium. 


Espresso is an automation framework for Android apps. Espresso testing focuses on Android-specific UI and the framework is very developer-friendly. Because the framework is embedded into the Android IDE, it’s easy to get started with. 


XCUITest is a mobile test automation framework for iOS. Being iOS-specific, XCUITest is entirely developed and maintained by Apple. The framework is embedded into the XCode IDE which also makes scripting fast. 


Quantum is a BDD testing framework. It can be used for both mobile and web testing. You don’t need to know code to write test scripts with Quantum. You can create automated tests in plain language. 

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Bottom Line  

Perfecto is the market leader for testing mobile websites. With 15 years of mobile web testing expertise, Perfecto enables the world’s leading digital enterprises to accelerate their testing processes for faster releases and exceptional digital experiences. 

From test creation to execution and analysis, Perfecto has you covered for mobile website testing. And all from the world’s best testing cloud. 

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