Perfecto Announces Support for the Newest Android Q (10) Beta
April 5, 2019

Perfecto Announces Support for the Newest Android Q (10) Beta


Perfecto is proud to announce first in the market support for the latest Android Q (10) beta in the cloud. Users can expect great changes within the new operating system, and Perfecto customers can start testing against it immediately.

Android Q10

Android Q Changes & Features

Here are the key changes and enhancements Google made to its latest Android OS:

  • More control given to the user to manage their application access to the location services.
  • Enhanced privacy protection within apps to prevent apps launching activities while running in the background.
  • Official foldable smartphone support via onResume() and onPause() methods.
  • UI changes within the settings panel.
  • Introduction of “Bubbles” quick messaging functionality.
  • Generic stabilizations, bug fixes, performance improvements, and modifications made to the camera app and the connectivity capabilities.


To learn more on Android Q, read more here.