How The Phoenix Empowered 45 Business Testers to Automate With Perfecto Scriptless

With Perfecto Scriptless, The Phoenix became a pioneer in the Israeli financial industry by moving its testing operation to the cloud. 

Benefits of Using Perfecto:


1st Israeli financial organization to enjoy the benefits of the cloud.


Daily “live” checkups on all their customer-facing sites to ensure that their sites are fully functional.


Turned 45 business testers into automation experts.

Challenge: From Manual to Automated Testing

The Phoenix has a sprawling web presence, with multiple customer-facing websites. Its testing team consists of 45 manual business testers. The Phoenix decided they would rather teach insurance-savvy professionals to conduct quality assurance than teach testers the highly complex insurance business. When The Phoenix decided they wanted to upgrade and automate its manual test operation to automation, they identified four needs:

  1. They wanted to continue working with their existing business testers.
  2. They did not want to build an automation framework from scratch.
  3. They wanted a SaaS solution for faster implementation and response time.
  4. The chosen solution had to go through all their security requirements.

After checking all available solutions and doing a thorough proof of concept, The Phoenix chose Perfecto Scriptless. 

"The ease of use of Perfecto Scriptless caught my attention. I immediately realized that this is an automation solution we can implement without any major changes to our testing team. With the code-free nature of Perfecto Scriptless, we were able to quickly and efficiently train our entire testing team to create automated tests."

Chen Halio, Director of Quality, The Phoenix

Results: 1st Financial Organization to Test in the Cloud

Due to the sensitive nature of their client's data, The Phoenix had to meet strict security protocols and follow financial services regulations to adopt automated testing and an SaaS-based platform. Perfecto Scriptless could provide The Phoenix with the necessary assurances, including an ISO 27001 certification. Thanks to these assurances, The Phoenix is the first Israeli financial organization to enjoy the benefits of the cloud. 

Perfecto Scriptless conducted a two-day training session for The Phoenix’s testing team. By the end of the training, The Phoenix testers were creating automated tests from scratch. With no technical knowledge or skill, The Phoenix testers are now running tests directly in Perfecto Scriptless. 

With Perfecto Scriptless, The Phoenix demonstrated a spirit of innovation in a conservative industry bogged down by strict security regulations. By becoming the first Israeli financial organization to enjoy the benefits of the cloud, The Phoenix became a pioneer in the Israeli financial industry. 

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