Streamline Test Creation
for Your Entire Team

The days of outgrowing your automated testing solutions are behind you. Perfecto Scriptless Mobile significantly speeds up test creation with as many test combinations as you need to boost your testing efficacy.

Simple, Fast Test Creation

Intuitive interface with a drag-and-drop functionality for ease-of-use. Easily execute tests across browsers, devices, and OSs.

Automate the Complex

Flip the switch and go when it comes to testing advanced use cases including biometric authentication, network virtualization, cloud SMS and email, image injection and more.   

Scale Quickly & Effectively

Enhance collaboration across teams and easily scale test creation while expanding your current testing team – no technical scripting skills needed!

Shift Testing Left

Test earlier in the SDLC to proactively identify and fix bugs. 

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile Features 

Quick-Start Your Shift-Left Journey

Intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality makes testing easy for all users, including business and non-technical users. No need to know the mobile frameworks or programming languages. Complements developer’s automation testing and allows teams to start testing earlier in the SDLC to proactively identify and fix bugs.

Greater Coverage & Device Support

Access Perfecto’s cloud-based testing lab to create and execute tests on a wide variety of real mobile iOS and Android devices. Rapid support for newer devices. View multiple devices on a single screen and execute tests across them seamlessly.  

The new Scheduler feature provides teams with the ability to schedule and execute a single test per job to run at preset times as well as in a recurrence pattern.  

Scriptless Devices

Extensive Testing Functionality

Supports conditional logic, grouping, checkpoints, looping, and many more functionalities. 

Expansive Reports

Record and replay UI actions using Object Spy to create a Scriptless Test and playback. Create snippets of frequently used commands and reuse them across tests.

Downloadable full reports, videos, device logs, and more. Ability to see failure history over a period of time and filter by device, OS, or failure events by leveraging Perfecto’s Smart Reporting. 

scriptless reporting

Complex Test Cases, Simplified

Create tests for even the most complex native mobile use cases, including: 

  • Biometric Authentication
  • Image Injection
  • Network Virtualization
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Quality Visibility
  • Mobile UX Measurements
  • Test Coverage
  • Accessibility

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile In Action

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Bell Mobility Transforms Application Testing With Perfecto Scriptless Mobile

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Automate the Complex, No Matter the Scale

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Every Tester on the Team Can Help Ensure a High-Quality Application 

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