Automation Should Be Automatic 

Transform your testing from manual to automated with the AI-enhanced scriptless testing tool that’s easy for everyone.

With Scriptless Web for Teams and Scriptless Mobile for Teams, teams of any skill level can begin automation.  No coding. No maintenance. Just automation. 

Why Perfecto Scriptless?

Whether you’re automating web or mobile apps, here are some of the benefits you can quickly get from Perfecto Scriptless.

Start Automating Fast

No technical scripting skills needed. No dev dependency. No framework setup.

Work Smarter With AI

Increase productivity and reduce maintenance with AI & ML capabilities.


Scale Confidently

Script once, test many times across various browsers and devices.

Perfecto Scriptless Features 

Log in and go with a fully featured scriptless automation tool. 

Visual Creation

Build stable, complex test automation using the Perfecto Scriptless flow chart builder or on-the-fly in your application. Easily reuse steps to build complex scenarios.

Intelligent Test Creation & Maintenance

Self-learning, ML-powered engine identifies patterns across tests and adapts models accordingly. Prevents flaky scripts with self-healing scripts and an adaptive locator system. 


AI-Based Maintenance

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Share reports with developers & QA. Stay on top of test results and errors by enabling notifications on your favorite channel: email, text messaging, Slack.

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Intelligent Reporting & Debugging

AI-powered analytics filter noise. Detailed reports are produced on every run, which include screenshots & videos indicating what needs to be fixed. 

Intelligent Reporting & Debugging

Integrate With Your CI/CD Toolchain

With integrations with tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, and others, you can into your CI/CD toolchain. Plus, a built-in test execution scheduler keeps your test automation fully accelerated. 


Automate Web & Mobile Apps 

Whether you’re automating web or mobile apps, we’ve got you covered. 

Scriptless Web for Teams  

Run tests on multiple platforms and work environments, simultaneously. No need to build your own infrastructure or pay for external browser labs. 

Scriptless Mobile for Teams 

Perform tests on real and virtual devices.  It’s an easy-to-use program that features no dev dependency or framework setup for Flutter, React Native, and more. 

Launch Scriptless Automation With Perfecto

See how fast & easy test automation should be.

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