Ten24 Reduced Regression Testing Time by 73%

With Perfecto Scriptless, ten24 eliminated the “human error” that came with manual testing.


Benefits of Using Perfecto:


2K test executions.


$400K cost avoidance.


1,700 hours saved.

Challenge: Shorten Releases & Reduce Bottlenecks 

ten24, focused on building comprehensive eCommerce solutions, wanted to reduce their project turnaround time. To do this they needed to shorten their software release cycles and reduce their testing bottlenecks that stemmed from regression testing. They needed a user-friendly, automated testing tool that could handle end-to-end testing for Angular applications with JavaScript libraries. This tool would also have to allow their QA team to speed up and scale their testing efforts without requiring any previous coding skills. These needs led ten24 to start using Perfecto Scriptless as their codeless functional test automation tool. 


"Perfecto Scriptless has taken our efficiency and overall product quality to a whole new level. We would have never tested as much as we do now as quickly as we do now without it."

- Kevin Jason, Director of Development at ten24

Results: Better Strategies, Lower Costs 

ten24 found that Perfecto Scriptless helped bridge the gap between their testing plans and real-life testing. As a scriptless automation platform, Perfecto Scriptless made it simple for ten24’s QA team to find holes in their tests. 

Defining a test automation strategy, coupled with the right tool, creates a foundation for achieving testing goals. With Perfecto Scriptless, ten24 took their testing to the next level. Now, ten24 has time to focus on keeping their clients on the cutting edge of eCommerce.

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