What Is Bitrise?

Bitrise helps you develop and operate mobile applications by offering a complete CI/CD platform, built and optimized for mobile DevOps. By automating mobile development and operational processes on Bitrise, teams deliver faster and improve quality, while increasing productivity. Bitrise provides unrivaled flexibility and power by connecting to all the tools and services you use from one, easy-to-learn platform.


How Bitrise and Perfecto Work Together

With Perfecto providing the test cloud and Bitrise executing CI, teams are able to run their Espresso, XCUItest, Selenium, and Appium tests on Perfecto devices. This helps developers achieve immediate feedback, as test results provide insights into the health of their applications.

See a step by step guide to incorporating end to end tests as part of your CI process here.



See Bitrise and Perfecto in Action

Key Benefits of Using Bitrise and Perfecto

  • Perfecto provides developers with fast feedback through smart insights, detailed test artifacts, and test logs.
  • Perfecto helps relieve the need for infrastructure and web/mobile device management.
  • With Bitrise and Perfecto, you can execute tests in parallel across multiple platforms to reduce the risk of escape defects.
bitrise and perfecto

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