The cloud is king. Across all areas of our lives, we rely on cloud technology. And this has never been more true for web and mobile app testing.

Why? Because there is undeniable appeal to using a test cloud for DevOps and testing teams alike. Just keep reading to learn why now is the time for cloud testing, tangible benefits of using a test cloud, and more.

Consider this your ultimate guide to using a test cloud.

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8 Benefits of Testing in the Cloud

For test automation, you can test on premise or in the cloud. But the cloud has major perks. In fact, the benefits of cloud test automation are numerous. For starters, you can access the cloud from anywhere in the world. That’s huge for globally-dispersed teams. Testing in the cloud is also great for scaling your test automation.

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8 Benefits of Cloud Test Automation

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Why Mobile & Web Testing MUST Move to the Cloud

Teams need to utilize a cloud infrastructure that is always on, available, secure, and scalable in order to ensure business continuity at all times. Enterprise cloud testing allows teams to test at any time from anywhere — whether that’s from the office or at home — no matter where they are located around the world. Learn more key business benefits of moving functional and nonfunctional testing to the cloud.

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Why Mobile & Web Testing MUST Move to the Cloud

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Using Selenium in the Cloud

Selenium, the web testing framework, works best in the cloud. Why? Selenium cloud testing allows you to scale your automation much easier than with an on-premise solution. A cloud-based Selenium Grid allows you to execute parallel testing across all OS and browser permutations even faster.

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How to Use Selenium Grid in the Cloud

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Debugging and Testing iOS Apps in the Cloud

In the past year and a half, the iOS market has experienced a monthly release cadence. And that means you’ll have many iOS versions to test across devices.

Oftentimes, iOS developers can fall back on manual testing to do this. But there’s a better way: testing apps on iPhone devices in the cloud. Read this step-by-step guide to testing and debugging iOS apps in the cloud. And watch a video of Perfecto’s DevTunnel tool that allows you to debug apps easily in the cloud — all from your IDE.

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3 Steps to Debug and Test Your iOS App in the Cloud

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Why DevOps Teams Need the Cloud

DevOps teams are under continual pressure to release high-quality apps faster all while keeping costs low. But in order to work at “DevOps speed,” teams need cloud based solutions that are designed for enterprise-grade collaboration and testing. The fact is that clouds are the best solutions for DevOps teams. They overcome barriers and limitations from on-premise solutions. And they offer DevOps teams a number of benefits unavailable in alternative solutions.

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Why DevOps Teams Need Cloud-Based Solutions

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Now Is the Time for Cloud Testing

In the time of COVID-19, it’s quickly becoming apparent that cloud testing is more critical than ever. With businesses going entirely online, your web and mobile apps better be ready to perform. With cloud testing, you can extend test coverage, improve security, instantly access new device releases, and even apply real user conditions to your web and mobile app testing.

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Cloud Testing Is More Critical Than Ever

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Try Testing in the Cloud With Perfecto

Access the world’s largest test cloud and experience Perfecto’s accelerated mobile and web app testing. It’s always on, always available, and always up to date. You can access it 24/7 from anywhere in the world. And it’s filled with over 10K mobile devices and browsers for you to test.

Major enterprises — including over half the Fortune 500 — rely on the Perfecto test cloud for their app testing needs. Reach fully scaled and optimized DevOps without compromising quality or speed of delivery. Try testing with Perfecto today.