What Is Botium?

Botium is an automation testing tool for chatbots using APIs. Botium provides management tools with out-of-the-box test environments and test sets. By integrating Botium with Perfecto, you can run your Botium tests in the Perfecto testing cloud. The goal of this integration is to provide a scalable testing solution across platforms for advanced chatbot applications.


How Botium and Perfecto Work Together

With Perfecto providing the test cloud and Botium providing a comprehensive platform to test all aspects of a chatbot application — including built-in datasets for varying chatbot types and integrations with DevOps tools — testers can easily create test automation for chatbots to run in parallel across Perfecto devices. This helps testers create and execute their tests at scale, in a cloud-based testing environment withimmediate feedback, as test results provide insights into the health of their applications.

Image Integration Botium

Get Started with Botium and Perfecto

To learn more on testing chatbots using Botium AI and Perfecto, please see the following GitHub repository: Botium and Perfecto Code Sample. For a guide to using Botium and Perfecto, read the complete tutorial.


Key Benefits of Using Botium and Perfecto

  • With Botium and Perfecto, testers can simply generate positive and negative test scenarios that Botium can execute on the target applications (see the Botium test script for example). Perfecto allows scaling the execution via its cloud environment. Since these tests are AI driven, their stability and ease of maintenance serves as an advantage.
  • Perfecto provides developers with fast feedback through advanced test reporting and insights, detailed test artifacts, and test logs.
  • Perfecto seamlessly integrates into the DevOps pipelines, so developing and executing the Botium test scenarios can be performed from any CI/CD solution.

Get Started With Perfecto and Botium Today

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