Why Integrate Helix ALM & Perfecto?

Helix ALM enables end-to-end traceability for your team’s requirements, test cases, and issues. Perfecto allows your test executions on web and mobile platforms to run at scale while enabling traceability back to the test case and requirements in Helix ALM.

How Helix ALM & Perfecto Work Together

Continuous testing success requires teams to first understand the functionality and ensure that complete test coverage is applied to the feature set. Teams must then ensure continued test execution and results verification.

Helix ALM provides teams with instant visibility into requirements test coverage to ensure that all requirements are covered — all the way down to the code level. Test automation can now run on each commit, release, or set schedule (build) and will feed test results back into Helix ALM. This provides visibility into continuous testing when something breaks.

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Test Case & Test Suite Management

Helix ALM provides the ability to create test cases directly from any requirement or user story. The test case can form part of a larger test suite for easy reuse and tracking of test results.

Helix ALM allows users to manage both manual test cases as well as automated test cases in a single solution. Automated test execution results can feed directly into Helix ALM, ensuring that both manual and automated testing results are tracked in a single solution.

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Test Execution Results

Helix ALM allows users to store both manual and automated test execution results. Manual testing results can be entered by the user during the test cycle as well as by using an open REST API.

Test automation tools and platforms like Perfecto can easily integrate their execution results back into Helix ALM using this open API. When the automated test executes in Perfecto, the test results are saved in Perfecto as well as sent to Helix ALM in real time. This allows instant traceability without the need for any user interaction.

helix alm
helix alm

Watch Helix ALM & Perfecto in Action

Key Benefits of Using Helix ALM & Perfecto

  • End-to-end traceability from requirements down to test execution and issue resolution.
  • Instant visibility into why a test failed for any requirement.
  • Quickly resolve issues and ensure traceability to the fixed code.
  • Ensure complete requirements and test automation coverage with Perfecto.
  • Test with full traceability and visibility.
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