Scalable Automation Is Difficult to Achieve

Having an automation framework that everyone can contribute to and help maintain is no easy task for most organizations. Business and QA analysts lack coding skills. And SDETs are expensive — and usually stretched too thin. That’s where Tosca and Perfecto can help.

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Perfecto Makes Tosca Better

Leverage the best-in-class model-driven automation framework with Perfecto, the world’s leading continuous testing platform. When paired with Perfecto, teams can execute tests in parallel and at scale. Perfecto also provides fast feedback to teams via test reporting and analytics, which are built into the platform.

There is no coding necessary to create automation scripts with Tosca. This reduces the maintenance cost of automation. It also allows more of your team to participate in the scripting process — including business and QA analytics, along with SDETs. The result is an accelerated testing process with fast feedback.

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How Tosca and Perfecto Work Together

Tosca accelerates end-to-end testing. It uses a codeless approach for test automation with no scripting required. Without test scripts, teams aren’t burdened with time-consuming maintenance. Users can build tests with a record and playback method. You can then execute these tests at scale in the Perfecto test cloud.

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Getting Started With Tosca

This is a step by step guide to getting Tosca desktop web and mobile scripts working with Perfecto.


  1.  At the time of writing, Tosca 13.3 is used. Download your Tosca license here
     Please have a valid Tosca license along with the .exe installed. The instructions are for a Windows 10 machine.

Connecting to Perfecto With a Sample Project for Desktop Web


Create a new project using the sample provided by Tosca.



From the sample script, update the test configuration.



Under project settings, update the URL and supply the security token for your lab.


Supply your Perfecto security token here.

Hub address should be in the format of: http://<your_cloud>



Test the connection by running in scratchbook.


You should be able to see a Perfecto execution on desktop web.


Note: on the sample first step, remove the “maximize window” step to see the test passing.


Connecting to Perfecto With a Sample Project for Mobile Web

To connect to mobile web, use the settings below.

For iOS devices:

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For Android devices on Tosca 12.1, please specify the desired capabilities as a step:

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On success, you should see the test execution in the Perfecto dashboard:

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Connecting to Perfecto With a Sample Project for Native App

To connect to mobile web, use the settings below.

Import the attached .tsu example:

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See Perfecto and Tosca in Action

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