Looking for a Kobiton Replacement? Here are Top 5 Reasons to Choose Perfecto

Perfecto not only fills Kobiton’s gaps in capability — we go further. Our proven platform delivers a superior test automation experience. There are many ways in which Perfecto not only fills Kobiton’s capability gaps, but also delivers a superior test automation experience. 

Here's what you'll get by switching from Kobiton to Perfecto:

Omni-Channel Testing

Stable & Reliable Device Lab

Advanced Testing Capabilities

5-Star Support


Professional Services Offerings

Test for Mobile AND Web

Kobiton only supports mobile testing. However, testing on just mobile isn’t enough. How your app shows up on mobile and web matters, and your customers are counting on you to deliver a consistent and seamless experience wherever they are using your app or service.

Perfecto supports mobile and web testing within our unified platform so you can deliver an optimal, omni-channel experience for your customers whether they are at home or on the go.

cross browser testing

Device Stability Should Be the Least of Your Issues

Did you know that unstable device labs can cause more than 15% of automated tests to fail? An unstable device lab can spell doom for the app your team worked so hard on right from the beginning. 

If you're testing with an unstable lab like Kobiton, how can you be sure that it’ll properly test your apps to be stable for your customers?


Here’s what users are saying about Kobiton:

On Kobiton: "At times, some public cloud devices will not be healthy (no memory, no network, etc) which will fail the tests randomly." - Capterra Review

"[Kobiton] is extremely slow in comparation to other competitors, causing the automated tests to fail when they really work correctly, the error that usually occurs is due to connection timeouts" - Gartner Review

Get Yourself a Device Lab You Can Depend On

That's why you should leave your device lab needs up to the best in the business. Perfecto’s cloud testing lab is known for stability and availability:

  • The average monthly uptime for Perfecto clouds was 99.99% in 2021.
  • We offer unparalleled same day support for new devices, so you don’t have to wait to test your apps on the latest and greatest devices.
  • We test beta OSs ahead of release.

“I would rate the stability of the solution as an 11 out of 10. There has not been one moment that Perfecto has not been accessible.” - Andy Brown, Systems Engineer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees (Review on PeerSpot)

99.9% uptime
"[Perfecto’s] support teams are one of the best I have come across"

- G2 Review

“Perfecto Support as well as CSM is absolutely supportive"

- G2 Review

“Amazing client support and user friendly UI features."

- G2 Review

Advanced Testing to Match Your Advanced Capabilities

Your app offers all the awesome things you dreamt of at the very start of the planning stage. You designed it, you built it, and now it’s time to test it. Your testing solution should be able to test for:

Biometric Authentication

Mobile UX Testing



Voice Assistants


Network Virtualization

Barcode Scanning

Perfecto vs. Kobiton At-a-Glance

Mobile Testing
Web Testing
Scriptless Automation for Mobile
Scriptless Automation for Web


Devices & BrowsersPerfectoKobiton
Testing on Web Browsers
Testing on Real Devices
Testing on Virtual Devices
Same Day Support for New Devices


Advanced Use CasesPerfectoKobiton
Biometric Authentication
Mobile UX Testing
Synthetic Test Data Generation

So, Now What?

When making an important decision like selecting an automated testing partner, it is worth it to take the time to compare what’s out there. Choose Perfecto as your stable, secure and trusted partner to ensure top application quality.

Ready to take the next step? We can’t wait to work with you.