Cloud Testing — Perfected

Your device lab is your foundation for testing your mobile and web applications. But all too often it holds you back from automation. Lab issues alone cause more than fifteen percent of automated tests to fail. Don’t let stability, network, or configuration problems slow you down.

Instead, get the best in the business: Perfecto’s Smart Lab houses thousands of real devices that are accessed from any browser – simply leave the device management to our cloud testing platform.

We’re smart. AI-driven. Fast and elastic. Secure. And we’re the best choice for enterprise DevOps teams looking to accelerate their delivery of mobile and web apps. But don’t just take our word for it.

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Why Test in Perfecto’s Mobile Device Lab?

DevOps teams are under constant pressure to release faster, improve quality, and keep costs under control. You can try to piece together solutions — from creating tests to analyzing results and managing an in-house lab. But doing it yourself creates gaps. And worse, it slows down your delivery.

With a singular mobile testing cloud lab, organizations can solve these challenges head-on:

  • Our open API helps you integrate the Perfecto lab into your existing DevOps toolchain.
  • Get instant access to thousands of real devices.
  • Test real-world conditions — including network, battery level, and device orientation.
  • Get instant support for any new mobile device, platform, and web OS permutation.
  • Get the most out of testing with our 120-day Blueprint for Continuous Testing Success.
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Mobile Test Lab

Trying to piece together a mobile device testing lab yourself is expensive and hard to maintain — let Perfecto take care of it for you instead. Our mobile test lab gives you the cloud-based access you need to efficiently test your mobile apps on thousands of devices in one place, and with real user conditions too.

You can rest assured that the devices and operating systems you need to test are available in our mobile device lab. With constant updates, releases, and generations in use, Perfecto is ready to facilitate every test you’ll need to do. And thanks to its smart, self-healing abilities, the device lab offers unparalleled stability for uninterrupted testing.

We’re always updated, always on, and always available for your mobile app testing needs.

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Web Test Lab

The average web browser is updated every 30 days. Add in various browsers across operating systems on different platforms, and you end up with thousands of permutations to test. Increase your browser testing coverage while simultaneously reducing your test cycle — we’re proud to offer web browser testing up to 50 percent faster than our competitors.

A digital lab gives you the tools you need to quickly and efficiently test your web app against thousands of platform permutations in one place. No matter the browser, operating system, or device, we’ve got you covered for cross-browser testing.

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Perfecto Smart Device Lab Benefits



Leverage the existing tools you use and love.



Unlimited elasticity and enterprise grade.



ML-driven, self-healing lab.


24/7 Availability

Always on and updated with same-day access to new devices.



We’ve perfected testing for mobile AND web apps.



Why wait? Access what you need, when you need it.



World-class, enterprise-grade security.


Real Devices

Test on the real thing with real conditions.

One Device Lab for Everyone

Your entire DevOps team will benefit from testing in Perfecto’s Device Lab cloud. 


Jumping from one test environment to another wastes QA professionals’ time. Instead, access it all with the click of a mouse. Perfecto’s Smart Lab allows teams to test apps against thousands of devices and browsers. With one unified mobile testing cloud lab, QA professionals can maximize their efficiency for accelerated DevOps.


Get back to coding — seriously. We make it easy for developers with hassle-free access to the widest variety of mobile devices and web browsers right from your IDE. Whether you’re working on new features or debugging issues, hunting for the right device and configuring environments wastes precious time. With Perfecto’s Smart Lab, you can code, validate, debug, and repeat as needed.

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