Appium is the leading open source and de facto framework for cross-platform iOS and Android mobile functional test automation. That’s nothing new.

With constant changes in the mobile space, and together with the ongoing DevOps transformation, teams are challenged with the objective of enhancing test automation coverage, stability, and delivering valuable feedback to the mobile app developers as quickly as possible.

Additionally, quite often app developers and testers naïvely approach testing by following test steps, rather than testing from the end-user perspective.

Lastly, the testing ecosystem is divided into various practitioners with different skillsets following different methodologies.

Join this webinar led by Perfecto’s CTO Uzi Eilon, and Chief Evangelist and Author Eran Kinsbruner to uncover the following:

  • Get a baseline on Appium mobile application testing and where the framework stands.
  • Realize the importance of advanced Appium testing approach from an end-user flow perspective.
  • Learn about the toolset you need to make your Appium mobile testing complete.
  • Learn how to match the skillset and methodology while using the Appium framework.
  • See how AI-driven reporting can reduce the time to analyze, resolve issues, and eliminate noise in your pipeline.