Mobile App Testing — Perfected

Test smarter. Test faster. Test mobile apps at unparalleled speed with Perfecto Mobile, the only solution to combine smart test creation, execution, a world-class lab, and test analytics — all the components you need to achieve continuous testing.

With Perfecto Mobile, you can create and execute tests with ease. We pair perfectly with your most-loved test automation frameworks, so you can test with AppiumEspressoXCUITest, and BDD (Quantum).

We’re the smartest. And the fastest. We’re simply the best for mobile app testing.

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Mobile Testing Features



Our cloud-based lab is packed with the real mobile devices you need for complete test coverage.



You'll never have to worry about your mobile app testing with our enterprise-grade privacy and security.



Elastic, parallel scalability for however large your mobile application testing needs may be.



Get the world's most reliable mobile testing lab that's always on and always updated.



We play well with others. Pair us with your favorite mobile testing frameworks, like Appium, Espresso, and XCUITest.



Get fewer false alarms in your test reporting and more insights you need for fast fixes.

The Best Mobile App Testing Tool

Get into the fast lane of mobile app testing. Perfecto Mobile can help you shorten your testing cycle while simultaneously increasing test coverage. And through it all, you’ll maximize velocity for an accelerated DevOps process.

We’re simply the best mobile app testing tool. That’s because we offer end-to-end smart solutions through our four keys to testing:









At Perfecto, we’re proud to tick all your boxes: an industry-leading cloud-based lab, unparalleled test creation and execution, and smart ML-backed analysis. Together, these elements provide the unified solution to all your automation testing needs.

Cloud-Based Lab for Maximum Test Coverage

Take mobile app testing to the next level with the world’s safest and most scalable cloud-based lab. Six global data centers provide world-class, enterprise-grade security and data privacy compliance. And with our smart, self-healing capabilities, our lab offers unparalleled stability. We’re always updated, always on, and always available.

Work virtually with real mobile devices like they’re in the palm of your hand. Test your mobile apps on thousands of devices in one place, and with real user conditions too. Rest assured the devices, operating systems, and generations you need to test are all available in our lab.


Test on Real Mobile Devices


Complete Test Coverage at Scale


Launch-Day Access to New Releases


Use Devices Like They're in Your Hand


Unparalleled Lab Stability


24/7 Continuous Support

Streamlined Test Creation


Test Real User Conditions


Test Creation for All Skill Levels


Pair With Appium, Espresso, and More


Simplified Test Automation


Utilize One Script for All Screen Sizes


Execute Cross-Platform Test Suites

Perfecto makes test creation easy for your mobile application testing. We pair perfectly with your most-loved automation frameworks, like Appium. 

And with Perfecto’s BDD solution, Quantum, test creation is easier than ever for all members of your team. The open source test automation framework features easy-to-use English-phrased steps, application objects, and a simple environment. With test creation available to more members of your team, you’ll accelerate your DevOps process through an optimized test automation process.

Accelerated Test Execution

Accelerate your test execution from the world’s safest testing cloud. We'll help you calculate the right capacity for your timeframe. Conduct tests in parallel and run each test faster. Our infrastructure makes it simple to complete large test executions within the CI pipeline.

Perfecto Mobile is completely open and integrated — allowing you to conduct mobile app testing in the frameworks you use and love. You’ll also benefit from rich evidence collection and orchestration management. Perfecto Mobile is elastically-scaled with no single point of failure.


Unlimited Elastic Scaling


Fast and Parallel Test Execution


Secured With Multi-Layer Monitoring


Integrate With the Frameworks You Love


Zero-Time Upgrades


Rich Multi-Team Orchestration

Fast Feedback & Test Analysis


Easily Compare Results By Platform


Noise Reduction for Quieter Testing


Get More Insightful Analysis Through AI


Multi-Step Drill-Down Enables Fast Analysis


Quick Cross-Platform Visual Comparison


Architected for High Volumes of Data Daily

You can’t achieve continuous testing without fast feedback. With Perfecto Mobile, our “single pane of glass” solution reduces risk by providing visibility throughout the entire testing process. You’ll identify failed tests fast and get the insights you need. You'll also identify issues with the lab, network, devices, and scripts. And all the while, you’ll encounter less noise and fewer false negatives thanks to our AI-backed noise reduction.

With Perfecto Mobile, you can get high-level heatmaps or dive deeper with our comprehensive reports. Don’t just discover defects — quickly fix them with our step-by-step drill-down.

Why Should You Automate Mobile Application Testing?

You need to deliver quality mobile apps. After all, mobile experiences are a direct reflection of your brand. And providing a consistent experience across all devices is a given. But how do you deliver quality consistently — and faster? The answer is test automation.

Keep up with the flow of innovation and ensure your apps thrive no matter what. Perfecto Mobile has all the elements you need to create, test, and analyze results, all within a market-leading cloud-based lab. Perfecto Mobile provides this all in a unified solution to help you every step of the way.

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Why Perfecto?

Delivering quality mobile applications to your users is a must. Perfecto understands that — it’s in our name and at the core of everything we do. We love helping you achieve greatness without slowing down delivery.

The world’s largest enterprises rely on Perfecto for a stable, secure, and scalable way to achieve their testing and development goals as efficiently as possible. Keep pace with the speed of innovation — without testing holding you back. Turn testing from a liability into an asset that can expedite your DevOps processes. Perfecto enables you to test early, often, and even continuously.

Join us. We can’t wait to see what your DevOps teams can do with the world’s best cloud-based continuous testing platform.

Take Mobile App Testing to the Next Level