Enterprise-Grade Mobile App Testing

Zero-Maintenance Testing

Test on both real devices and emulators/simulators without the hassle of device maintenance. 

Secure & Scalable Testing Cloud

Get enterprise-grade security and scale to over 10K test executions a day.

Comprehensive Mobile Test Coverage

Extend coverage for both the devices and complex test scenarios you need.

Industry-Leading Mobile App Testing

Test with the best. Access the world's biggest testing cloud with over 10K devices,
advanced automation capabilities, and enterprise-grade security.

Test Like Your Users

No one lets you test like your users better than Perfecto. Automate advanced use cases and capabilities, apply real user simulation and simulate real-world conditions with mobile performance testing.

Analyze Files with a mobile app testing tool

Get the Fastest Feedback

Find and fix bugs faster with test failure analysis. You’ll get dashboards, heatmaps, and detailed artifacts, including videos, screenshots, crash logs, and vitals like battery and memory.

web test analytics with mobile app testing tool

Boost Test Coverage

You’ll never compromise test coverage with Perfecto. With all the supported devices and browsers you need in the testing cloud, plus same-day access for new releases, you’re always covered.

Mobile Device Selector with mobile app testing tool

Eliminate Environment Concerns

Test Data at your Fingertips: Ditch the inefficiencies of manual test data creation. Generate robust and realistic test data on-demand for your mobile tests. Learn how to use this capability in BlazeMeter University’s Test Data for Mobile Course.

Mock Services Made Easy: Running into roadblocks due to missing mobile gateways or backend services? We can help you virtualize these components so you can continue testing without a hitch

perfecto and blazemeter

Comprehensive Application Quality from Mobile to Mainframe

Maximize continuous testing and shift quality left by combining the power of Perfecto and BlazeMeter. Get industry-first capabilities and:

  • Measure mobile user experience under real-world conditions
  • Spin up high-quality test data on-demand
  • Create realistic mock service

Open & Integrated

From test frameworks like Appium and XCUITest to CI tools like Jenkins and Jira test management, Perfecto integrates into all your tools and processes.

See All Integrations

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Try Mobile App Testing With Perfecto

Start a free 14-day trial of Perfecto for instant access to the most popular real mobile devices in our secure, public cloud. Or, see Perfecto in action in a custom demo.

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How Perfecto Helped Virgin Media

Virgin Media provides fixed and mobile telephone, television, and broadband internet to both businesses and consumers. See how Virgin Media improved their processes with enterprise-grade testing.

Key Mobile Testing Features


Enterprise Testing Cloud

Access the world's largest and fastest testing cloud with all the mobile devices you need to test on.


Accelerated Automation

Speed up delivery with high-velocity, parallel testing and bursting for large test suites.


Test Authoring

We’ve got test creation options for all skill levels, including code-based or our Quantum BDD framework.

Mobile User Experience Testing

Generate detailed server and end-user experience reports, to measure and understand how a mobile app is impacted under a load & real world conditions.

Synthetic Test Data

Easily generate comprehensive test data with desired variety, leading to better and more robust mobile tests.


Test Failure Analysis

Get faster feedback with detailed reports, a CI dashboard, heatmaps, and root cause analysis.


Real User Simulation

Test conditions your users experience — like conflicting apps, location, network coverage, and more.


App Debugging

When tests fail, connect with devices on the cloud to easily debug code from your IDE.

Mock Services

Leverage the power of BlazeMeter to create mock services so you can continue your testing efforts even when backend services might not be available.

See Mobile App Testing in Action With Perfecto

One Platform for Web & Mobile App Testing

Perfecto isn’t just a mobile app testing tool. It’s a unified cloud platform for both your web AND mobile apps. Get 24/7 access to the platforms you need to test against from anywhere in the world.

Platform Overview

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Testing Plans for All Teams

Explore Subscriptions

Enterprise Testing on Private Cloud

For premium features, advanced security, and scalability of mobile and web app testing.

App Testing on Public Cloud

Access our public cloud for automated and manual testing on mobile devices and desktop web.

Why Perfecto?

Perfecto is the market leader for mobile app testing. With 15 years of mobile testing expertise, Perfecto enables the world’s leading digital enterprises to accelerate their testing processes for faster releases and exceptional digital experiences.

Perfecto is proud to be the only end-to-end continuous testing solution. From test creation to execution and analysis, Perfecto has you covered for web and mobile app testing. And all from the world’s best testing cloud.

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Try Mobile App Testing With Perfecto

Start a free 14-day trial of Perfecto for instant access to the most popular real mobile devices in our secure, public cloud. Or, see Perfecto in action in a custom demo.

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