Software testing tools are evolving. More testing frameworks are emerging through the open source community and commercial vendors. In addition, we’re starting to see the rise of machine-learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in testing solutions.

Given this evolution, it is important to map the tools that match both the practitioners’ skills and their testing types. When referring to the testing practitioners, we mainly look at three different personas:

  • The business tester
  • The software developer in test (SDET)
  • The software developer

These practitioners are tasked with creating, maintaining, and executing unit tests, build acceptance tests, integration, regression, and other nonfunctional tests.

Watch this webinar led by Perfecto’s Chief Evangelist, Eran Kinsbruner, to learn the following:

  • How should testing types be dispersed among the three personas and throughout the DevOps pipeline?
  • What tools should each of these three personas use for the creation and execution of tests?
  • What are the key benefits to continuous testing when mapped correctly?


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