In the age of automation, things move fast. Learning how to do continuous testing can be challenging. But testing early and often is the key to staying competitive. For that reason, continuous testing is becoming a must-have for today's teams.

Don't let testing hold you back. Keep reading to learn what continuous testing is, how it can benefit your team, and much more.

Consider this your guide on how to do continuous testing.

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Overview of Continuous Testing

So, what is continuous testing and why is it the next evolution of test automation? It is the principle of testing early, often, and everywhere in an automated way. By reducing risk and removing the testing bottleneck, continuous testing improves efficiencies across the entire DevOps pipeline.

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What Is Continuous Testing? 

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Compare Testing Options

Test automation is critical for today's DevOps teams. But what is the difference between continuous testing vs test automation? While automation testing does improve test coverage and efficiency, continuous testing takes those benefits even further by executing automated tests as a part of the software delivery pipeline.

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Continuous Testing vs. Automated Testing

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How to Do Continuous Testing

Learn how to do continuous testing and put together your strategy. In our recent eBook, you'll learn the fundamentals of putting together a continuous testing plan.

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How to Do Continuous Testing in Agile

Agile and continuous go together so it makes sense to automate test activities into every commit. Continuous testing in Agile is the type of testing that increases confidence in the application quality and drives team efficiency.

Here's how to do continuous testing in Agile:

  • Automate test activities for each commit.
  • Test every commit, every few hours, nightly, and weekly.
  • Leverage continuous testing tools.

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The 3 Big Cs of Continuous Agile Development

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Solve Key Challenges

Software testing tools are evolving and it is important to map the tools that match both the practitioners’ skills and their testing type. Based on three personas (business tester, software developer in test, and software developer), it's important to consider how testing types should be dispersed, which tools they should use, and the key benefits to continuous testing when mapped correctly.

Find a Solution

There are many benefits to continuous testing — when you choose the right solution. 

Perfecto provides continuous testing tools and platform for web and mobile app testing. Learn more about the Perfecto solution:

  • Why you need a platform.
  • How to build your framework.
  • Tool capabilities.
  • And more.

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Continuous Testing


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Try Continuous Testing With Perfecto

Perfecto is the world's only end-to-end continuous testing platform. Access the world's largest testing cloud to test on over 10K real devices, browser VMs, and real Macs. The cloud is always on, always available, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Over half the Fortune 500 relies on Perfecto for web and mobile app testing. With extended test coverage, advanced automation capabilities, and robust test reporting, you can achieve fully-scaled continuous testing without compromising quality or speed of delivery. Try testing with Perfecto today.