Top 25 American Bank Achieves Global Continuous Testing With Perforce

Bank now has full testing coverage at enterprise scale, powered by Perfecto & BlazeMeter.

One of the largest banks in the United States was growing increasingly frustrated by the pitfalls of their testing platform. After adopting Perfecto and BlazeMeter, this bank achieved complete continuous testing success — from script creation to smart reporting. 

The Challenge

This bank was experiencing roadblocks and headaches with their testing platform at seemingly every turn:

  • Limited and high-maintenance device labs — They were tethered to physical devices which naturally limited their test coverage. And with relying solely on physical devices comes the pesky task of ensuring the devices are charged and well-cared for.
  • Lack of test coverage — Because of the limited device lab, their test coverage was limited to a fraction of the devices and browsers their users were working with.
  • Compromised test automation and scalability — Limited infrastructure and bandwidth to grow.
  • Incomplete testing environments — Gaps in the path between test creation and results analysis often resulted in a high number of faulty tests.
  • Collaboration issues — Asking for changes or help often felt like pulling teeth.

Among all those issues, the top of their list of priorities to address included their lack of effective mobile testing, their device lab, and inability to effectively test around the world. Their current setup heavily relied on in-person testing on real devices in an office setting, which ultimately restricted that use to within one city. While they employed the use of offshore contractors, it was expensive and still offered a limited selection of devices.

Then the pandemic struck. The foundation of their testing strategy with real devices in a physical device lab was rendered useless. What was originally an environment that was an inconvenient nightmare to manage had turned into an inaccessible, inconvenient nightmare.

Another primary issue facing this bank was its use of DevTest to create mock services. Mock services played a large role in their day-to-day efforts, yet they found the tool to be too complicated and cumbersome to use; changes to the scripts would require the creation of an entirely new script, which was time-consuming and costly.

The Solution

This bank needed a continuous testing platform that would grow with them as their testing matured and needs increased. They started slow — beginning with Perfecto’s mobile testing on a small scale. The bank was able to be frugal in their spending as they were getting these newfound testing capabilities off the ground.

Perfecto allowed the team to actualize their initial goal of establishing a mobile testing strategy knowing that mobile was rapidly becoming the dominant medium used by their customers. Where they were once hopeful, they were now capable.

“It was never a question of what [Perfecto] can handle. It was a question of how much we wanted to expand. The account manager worked closely with us to ensure all our needs were being met.” - Manager, QAS – Enterprise Quality Services

As their testing maturity grew, this bank paired Perfecto with BlazeMeter to run their performance tests in a more cost-effective way than with LoadRunner, which they were using previously.  

BlazeMeter helped make running tests and receiving reports easier with its user-friendly interface. It became an inclusive experience for everyone involved — there were no gatekeepers of the information, and everyone could see the test results for themselves.  

Additionally, leveraging BlazeMeter’s Mock Services freed them to cut ties with their previous tool and convert all services to the BlazeMeter interface. Because it is so easy to use and intuitive, this bank’s usage of Mock Services grew exponentially since its first day of use.  

As the bank expanded its testing usage, they adopted more and more of the powerful features offered by Perfecto and BlazeMeter: synthetic test data, advanced data and analytics, and Perfecto Scriptless. In the years since adopting Perfecto and BlazeMeter,  their testing opportunities and capabilities became bigger and more fruitful than they had ever thought possible.

“They came at the perfect time for us...BlazeMeter was just a much more effective and affordable solution for us. We’re a financial institution, so every cent matters. We went with BlazeMeter without a single regret.” - Manager, QAS – Enterprise Quality Services 

The Result

In the more than five years since moving off their legacy testing platform and transitioning to Perfecto and BlazeMeter, this bank saw their testing grow and scale effectively without ever having to question whether their newfound partners could grow with them.

Throughout the duration of the bank’s partnership with Perfecto and BlazeMeter, they have:

  • Grown from 10 device cradles to 40.
  • Grew from two browser sessions to 20.
  • Expanded to using virtual devices to increase their testing velocity.
  • Use of Mock Services grew exponentially due to its ease-of-use.
  • Streamlined resources in their Center of Excellence due to Mock Services, resulting in major cost savings.
  • Completed a Perfecto Scriptless Mobile pilot and are eager to explore its possibilities further.

This bank is now able to test with confidence without issue. Through the seamless experience incorporating Perfecto and BlazeMeter as their testing partners, their continuous testing capabilities are leaps and bounds ahead of where they were. With unparalleled support, Perfecto and BlazeMeter are with this bank every step of the way along their testing maturity journey.

Experience Complete Continuous Testing Excellence

Perfecto and BlazeMeter deliver application quality of the highest order. Testing web and mobile applications end-to-end has never been more achievable through the combination of the two most powerful continuous testing platforms on the market.  

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