What Is Jest?     

Jest is a JavaScript open source testing framework that supports websites created with TypeScript, Node, React, React Native, Angular, Vue, Babel, and more. Jest was created by Facebook and is among the most adopted testing frameworks for web testing. Jest is equipped with a variety of test productivity features like minimal configuration, code coverage, rich APIs, mocking abilities, detailed documentations, and more. 

The goal of this integration is to provide a scalable testing solution across web and mobile platforms for web applications built with the abovementioned technologies.


How Jest and Perfecto Work Together

With Perfecto providing the test cloud and advanced reporting platform, and Jest providing a JavaScript-friendly test framework for React and React Native applications, testers can easily create test automation for their web applications that will run in parallel across various Perfecto platforms. This helps testers create and execute their tests at scale in a cloud-based environment, and gather immediate feedback as test results provide insights into the health of their applications.

To learn more on testing web applications using Jest and Perfecto, please see the following GitHub repository: Jest and Perfecto Code Sample.


Check out the complete tutorial for using Botium and Perfecto. Test engineers that wish to configure their Jest test suites against the Perfecto platform would simply need to edit a config.json file, define the target platforms (mobile/web) to execute against, configure the cloud URL and security token, and install the Perfecto reporting NPM package. Once these are installed, the execution will be automatically run in the Perfecto cloud platform, and the results will be added to the Perfecto reporting dashboards.


Key Benefits of Using Jest and Perfecto

  • With Jest and Perfecto, testers can easily scale their JavaScript test suites and run across mobile and desktop web configurations in parallel in a secure, enterprise-grade cloud environment.
  • Perfecto provides developers with fast feedback through advanced test reporting and insights, detailed test artifacts, and test logs.
  • Perfecto seamlessly integrates into the DevOps pipeline. Hence, developing and executing the Jest test scenarios can be performed from any CI/CD solution.
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