Get the Fastest, Most Scalable Web App Testing

Scalable Testing

Run parallel testing across a variety of platforms and OSes to scale a high volume of daily tests. 

Fast Execution

Execute your web testing 50% faster with Perfecto. Perfecto offers the fastest testing with the highest performance.

Unified Platform

Perfecto is the only vendor that can test web and mobile web across all the browsers, devices, and OSes you need for complete coverage.

Fully Integrated Capabilities

The Perfecto platform is open and integrated. Perfecto integrates seamlessly with your current processes and all the tools you already use — from automation frameworks to CI/CD tools. 

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Web App Testing in the Cloud


Get Complete Test Coverage

Access all the browser versions and devices you need, both old and new.

Trust the Most Secure Testing

Perfecto takes a zero-trust approach with VM teardowns upon each test.

Enjoy a Simple-to-Use Experience

With no test environment set up, we take the complexity out of testing.


Automate Across Platforms

Automate advanced test scenarios across web and mobile.

Pay for What You Use

With unlimited minutes, you’ll pay for the concurrency you need without hidden costs.

Receive Faster Feedback

Shorten your feedback loop. Perfecto integrates with any tool in your CI/CD pipeline to improve visibility and accelerate delivery.

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in Action With Perfecto

Perfecto’s Web Testing Features

Automated & Interactive Testing

Conduct a mix of live testing and automated testing in the cloud.

This image shows cross-browser testing with Selenium and Perfecto.

Geolocation Testing

Perfecto’s platform allows you to test the localization of web apps – including geofencing, time zones, and more.

Appium's latest version includes geolocator capabilities.

Remote App Debugging

Debug on any platform against your local dev environment. With Perfecto, there’s no need to recreate test environments, so you can fix defects quickly.


ML-Powered Noise Filtering

ML-based algorithms weed out false negatives via an automated detection and classification errors.

ml powered noise filtering

Test Failure Analysis

Perfecto’s robust analytics provide detailed test reports, a CI dashboard, heatmaps, and rich artifacts, like screenshots and crash logs. And actionable multi-step drill-downs guide you through defect resolution. 

web test analytics

Access the Platforms You Need to Test

The Perfecto testing cloud provides access to every platform you need — with both real and virtual options.



With Perfecto, you can easily scale browser testing on VMs in the cloud. 

Real Macs

Macs are painful to maintain. We take care of that for you with real Mac machines.

Real Devices

All the real mobile devices and tablets you need are on hand in the Perfecto cloud.

Simulators & Emulators

Test early in the cycle with Perfecto’s cloud-based simulators and emulators.

One Platform for Web & Mobile

Perfecto is more than a web testing tool. It’s a unified cloud platform for both your web AND mobile apps. Get 24/7 access to the platforms you need to test against from anywhere in the world.

Platform Overview

Image Home Page Cross Browser Testing w/ Screens

Subscription Plans



Web Testing Plans

Access our dedicated VMs for automated and manual testing of desktop web.

Web & Mobile Testing Plans

Access mobile devices and VMs to execute your web, mobile web, and mobile tests.

Enterprise Testing Plans

For premium features, advanced security, and scalability of mobile and web app testing.

Why Perfecto?

With Perfecto, you can do more with less. That means you can maintain the same level of testing — but with fewer licenses and faster results. You can do the same amount of testing with 85 Perfecto licenses as opposed to 200 elsewhere.

Perfecto is the market leader for automated app testing, enabling the world’s leading digital enterprises to accelerate their testing processes for faster releases and exceptional digital experiences.

Join over half the Fortune 500 who trust Perfecto with their app testing.

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