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Test smarter. Test faster. Test across browsers at unparalleled speeds with Perfecto Web, the only solution to combine smart test creation, execution, a world-class digital lab, and test analytics — all the components you need to achieve continuous testing. We're simply the best for cross-browser testing.

With Perfecto Web, you can create and execute tests with ease. We pair perfectly with your most-loved automation frameworks, so you can achieve cross-browser testing in Selenium, Protractor, and WebdriverIO.

And we’re proud to offer web app testing that’s over 50 percent faster than anyone else.

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Cross-Browser Testing Features



Leave the test coverage to us. We’ve got you covered when it comes to browsers and operating systems.



Get world-class, uncompromised privacy and security coverage with six global data centers.



Achieve parallel test execution with elastic scaling for your web browser testing.



Why wait? We’re over 50% faster than our competitors for cross-browser testing.



Pair us with your favorite web testing tools and frameworks, like Selenium, Nightwatch.js, and WebdriverIO.



Cut through the noise and get the insights you need for faster fixes on your web apps.

The Ultimate Cross-Browser Testing Tool

Ensure an optimal user experience across all browsers, devices, and operating systems with Perfecto. We’re simply the best cross-browser testing tool. That’s because we offer end-to-end smart solutions through our four keys to automation testing:









At Perfecto, we’re proud to tick all your boxes: an industry-leading cloud-based lab, unparalleled test creation and execution, and smart ML-backed analysis. Together, these elements provide the unified solution to all your test automation needs.

Cloud-Based Lab

The average web browser is updated every 30 days. Add in various browsers across various operating systems on different platforms, and you end up with thousands of permutations to test.

Our cloud-based Smart Testing Lab gives you the tools you need to quickly and efficiently test your web app against thousands of platform permutations in one place. Rest assured the browsers and operating systems you need to test are available in our lab.

We’re always updated, always on, and always available.


Complete Browser Coverage


Unlimited Permutations to Test


Launch-Day Access to New Platforms


UI and Real-User Conditions Testing


Always Stable and Accessible


24/7 Continuous Support

Streamlined Test Creation


Integrate With Your Favorite Frameworks


Write Code-Based or Codeless Scripts


Highly-Trusted Self-Healing Scripts


Utilize One Script for All Screen Sizes


Work With Devices Like They're in Person


Test Creation for All Skill Levels

Perfecto makes web browser testing easy. Our infrastructure makes it simple to complete large test executions within continuous integration. Perfecto pairs perfectly with your most-loved automation frameworks, like Selenium. Developers can write their own Selenium scripts, or testers can use Perfecto’s codeless scripting. With Perfecto’s flexible business model, you can meet the needs of your team and execute tests quickly to accelerate your DevOps processes.

Accelerated Test Execution

Perfecto Web is completely open and integrated — allowing you to conduct web browser testing in Selenium, Protractor, or whatever favorite framework you use.

Execute your Selenium or codeless tests on desktop browser VMs, which are all 100% torn down upon each execution for optimal security. With elastic and unlimited scaling, you’ll get the test cadence you need.

And because Perfecto is proud to have six data centers globally located, you’ll never compromise speed or security.


Parallel Execution With Elastic Scaling


Execute Test Suites Across Platforms


Multi-Layer, 24/7 Monitoring


Orchestrate Automation at Scale


Get Started With Zero Set Up


Execute Tests 50% Faster

Fast-Feedback & Test Analysis


Easily Compare Results By Platform


Noise Reduction for Quieter Testing


Get More Insightful Analysis Through AI


Multi-Step Drill-Down Enables Fast Analysis


Quick Cross-Platform Visual Comparison


Architected for High Volumes of Data Daily

You might have test automation in place, but a lack of quick and efficient analysis of test reporting can really slow you down. With Perfecto, our “single pane of glass” solution helps mitigate business risks by providing visibility throughout the DevOps pipeline.

Get a quick overview of defects with heatmaps or dive deeper with our comprehensive reports. Don’t just find defects — solve them with our step-by-step drill-down for quick fixes. And with our ML-backed noise reduction algorithms, you can finally say goodbye to false negatives to spend time on what really matters.

Why Cross-Browser Testing?

You need to deliver quality. Providing a consistent experience across all browsers, devices, and platforms is a given. After all, each digital experience is a reflection of your brand. But the only way to deliver cross-browser compatibility faster is through automation.

Keep pace with the market and ensure your web apps thrive no matter what with web testing automation. Perfecto Web provides all the tools you need. Create. Test. Analyze. Repeat. Perfecto Web provides this all in one place — with solutions every step of the way.

Cross-Browser Testing

Introducing Perfecto Codeless

Meet the next generation of codeless testing.

Perfecto Codeless is a groundbreaking solution unlike previous record and playback tools. Powered by an ML engine, Perfecto Codeless is a high-trust test automation solution for creation and minimal maintenance requirements.

With Perfecto Codeless, you no longer need to worry about maintaining test scripts that constantly change. Test flakiness will no longer delay your DevOps process. Perfecto Codeless solves these challenges — whether it complements existing Selenium tests or serves as the single source of test automation in your organization. It meets your needs wherever you’re at for an accelerated DevOps process.

Say goodbye to the testing bottleneck. With Perfecto Codeless, testing can finally keep up with the pace of innovation.


Why Perfecto?

Delivering quality web applications to your users is a must. Perfecto understands that — it’s in our name and at the core of everything we do. We love helping you achieve greatness without slowing down delivery.

The world’s largest enterprises rely on Perfecto for a stable, secure, and scalable way to achieve their testing and development goals as efficiently as possible. Keep pace with the speed of innovation — without testing holding you back. Turn testing from a liability into an asset that can expedite your DevOps processes. Perfecto enables you to test early, often, and even continuously.

Join us. We can’t wait to see what your DevOps teams can do with the world’s best cloud-based continuous testing platform.

Get the Best Cross-Browser Testing