Best in Class Continuous Testing Software

In the mobile app development race, speed and accuracy are paramount.  

Perfecto empowers developers and testers with a streamlined continuous testing platform that accelerates your release cycle and ensures exceptional user experiences across all devices. 

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Why Perfecto for Your Continuous Automated Testing?

Accelerate Agile Testing

Seamlessly generate and execute automated tests for web, mobile, and packaged apps, reducing setup time and swiftly transitioning from planning to action.​

Run parallel testing for web and mobile environments on our unmatched array of supported devices – both real and virtual – ensuring comprehensive coverage without extending timelines.​  

Access instant analytics for web and mobile tests complete with AI-powered Root Cause Analysis, so teams can enjoy a quick turnaround on issues and a faster path to market readiness.​

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Eliminate Obstacles for Comprehensive Testing​

Embrace testers, developers, and engineers of all skill levels with low-code or scriptless testing, as well as integrations with your entire DevOps toolchain, from IDEs to continuous integration tools and test automation frameworks.​

Automate what others can’t with our unique support of advanced test automation use cases, from two-factor authentication and geolocation testing to accessibility and mobile UX testing.

Scriptless Devices

Embrace the Power of AI

From test creation to test reporting, Perfecto leverages the power of AI.  

Enhance test data used during test executions with generative AI-boosting system resilience with Chaos Testing and streamlining the process of data generation.​

Once your testing has finished, quickly identify issues and rapidly solve common application testing failures with Perfecto’s AI-based Root Cause Analysis.​ 

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Mitigate Risk While Maintaining Versatility

With Perfecto, you have the unique opportunity to decide between our public, hybrid, or private cloud options to conduct your testing. Create your ideal cloud environment for you to conduct your continuous automated testing efficiently and reliably.  

Overcome any environmental dependencies that come your way with service virtualization and test data generation.

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Work With a Trusted Testing Partner

When deciding on which continuous testing software to use, you want a testing partner that will be with you every step of the way to a high-quality app.  

Perfecto is that partner.  

With 15 years of industry expertise, award-winning projects, and a customer base that includes over half of the Fortune 500, Perfecto is well-equipped to assist you at every stage of your continuous testing journey.

What Customers Have to Say

See what customers across industries have to say about using Perfecto for their continuous automated testing:

“As a bank, we cannot have defects in applications, and Perfecto is instrumental in achieving that.”

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Andy Brown
Andy Brown
Systems Engineer

"Saves us $2.6 million per year, provides more efficient testing, and helps us strengthen relationships with vendors."

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Glenford John
Glenford John
Product Manager, Device Integration

"It's reporting allows us to have a clear view regarding what tests have been executed."

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Roland Castelino
Roland Castelino
QA Lead

Experience Continuous Testing in Action

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