Perfecto Reporting Enhancements

Perfecto added support for rotating videos in single test reports (STR). With this feature, you can now choose the proper orientation for the device under test. Previously, most devices in the STR would display in a vertical position (portrait mode), regardless of the orientation in which the test was performed.

In addition, Perfecto added support for Python 3.x within its reporting SDK. Here is a code sample of SDK and Python

DevTunnel for Android 

DevTunnel now supports establishing a connection to multiple Android devices in a single session. Perfecto officially supports up to 8 devices in parallel.

Until now, to connect to multiple devices, you had to run the DevTunnel script in a separate window or as a separate command for each device. 

For more information on DevTunnel, see DevTunnel CLI.

Support for WebDriverIO Version 7

As part of the support for WebdriverIO version 7, Perfecto added a new capability called perfecto:options. All Perfecto capabilities, such as securityToken, need to be included now inside this new capability. For example:

whats new

For more details on the integration, see WebDriverIO V7 documentation.

Extended APIs

Perfecto added a new device group API that performs the following operations for device group management:

  • Add and delete device groups
  • Edit device groups by adding or removing device IDs or users
  • Get a single device group or all device groups
  • The new endpoints are now the preferred way of handling device access.

For more information, see Device Group Operations.

Repository Enhancements

Perfecto added support for downloading and deleting multiple files from the Perfecto repository. The size limit for downloading files is currently 700 MB. For individual files, there is no size limit. Deleting files is limited to 100 artifacts.

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Applitools with Cypress Support

Perfecto added support for Applitools visual testing with Cypress. For details, see the project prerequisites section of our Cypress documentation.

Virtual Devices (Simulators and Emulators) Enhancements

Perfecto standardized the licensing of virtual device sessions to work the same as desktop web sessions. With this enhancement, customers can now see the number of available licenses below the virtual device folder on the My Devices tab in the Manual Testing view.

whats new

Virtual devices now support:

  • .apks files for automation and manual testing
  • Appium 1.21.0
  • The following Samsung Galaxy devices on Android 11: Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus

Azure Pipeline Integration

Customers that are using the Azure pipeline can now make their execution reports available in Azure Pipeline jobs. To get started and learn more about this integration, please find additional information in this article.

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Platform Support

Perfecto continues to offer its mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers immediate support with the following versions:

New Mobile Platforms Support:

All new iPhone 13 with iOS15 are supported:

whats new


whats new

New Desktop Web Platforms Support:  

whats new

Support for Cypress Logs

Perfecto continues to enhance its Cypress framework integration abilities. Recently, Perfecto added the ability to download Cypress logs from within the single test reports. This capability provides more insights and visibility into test failures and expedites the debugging of issues.

The full documentation for Cypress is available here.

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New Group Management APIs

Perfecto added a new set of APIs to manage users groups in the cloud. 

With these new APIs, customers can facilitate the following operations:

  • Create and update a group
  • Get a group
  • Delete a group
  • Find groups

These APIs are now the preferred way of managing groups.
For more information on these APIs, see Group Management Operations.

New Quantum Version Released: Versions 1.23.0

Quantum 1.23.0, Perfecto’s automation framework, is now available. With built-in, seamless Perfecto integration, the framework is designed to give users everything they need. It provides testNG integration for execution management, the ability to write BDD scripts, and a wide range of pre-built commands. Quantum can be downloaded for free from GitHub and extended as necessary. 

The new release introduces the following changes:

  • Upgraded QAF version to 3.0.0.
  • Added driver Restart Logic.
  • Integrated Axe Accessibility libraries and added the necessary methods.
  • Added device vitals utility methods in the file.
  • Added reusable Javascript click and sendKeys event methods.
  • Optimized the video download feature.
  • Fixed an Image Injection method-related bug for the id type of method.
  • Added timestamps in logs.
  • Added conditions to automatically ignore DriverInitListener when a shared device session is in session and for virtual devices.
  • Enhanced NTLM proxy authentication in APIs.

For details, including upgrade instructions, see the Quantum 1.23.0 release notes.

Platforms Support

Perfecto continues its immediate mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers immediate support with the following versions:

New Mobile Platforms Support:

whats new


New Desktop Web Platforms Support:

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Speed Testing Velocity With Virtual Device Support

Virtual devices are now available for live and automated testing. Balancing the use of emulators and simulators vs. real devices is the key to implementing continuous testing and maximizing velocity in the mobile space

Use emulators and simulators from your local machines for cross-platform development, debugging, and local validations of your apps before you move to testing on real devices later on in the application life cycle.


To learn how to perform automated testing on emulators and simulators in Perfecto, including demo videos, see our documentation on virtual mobile devices.

Learn More    Get eBook

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Reporting Enhancements

Open a device directly from the single test report by clicking the open device icon in the report header. Quickly reproduce functional failures with the same platform capabilities or configurations (such as device model, OS type and version, location, screen orientation, or background apps) as the original test.

See relevant messages and links to assist you when:

  • The device is in use by another user.
  • You have too many devices open.
  • The device fails to open.
  • Your cloud requires a reservation to open a device.

Platforms Support

Perfecto continues immediate support for mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers.

New Mobile Platforms Support

whats new


New Desktop Web Platforms Support

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E2E Web Testing for Every Team

Automate more, faster with transformative additions to the Perfecto platform: Perfecto Scriptless & Cypress Support. Unite developers, SDETs, QA, and business testers in the goal for faster, high-quality releases. Read blog >>

Perfecto Scriptless Released!

Perfecto Scriptless is now generally available.

  • Teams of any skill level can create automated tests without coding.
  • Test scripts require almost no maintenance due to a self-healing AI algorithm.
  • Dramatically reduces cost of test automation creation, execution, and maintenance.

For tutorials and other documentation, see Scriptless automation.



whats new
Create web test automation visually with Perfecto Scriptless.
whats new
Drag and drop test steps to create complex automation.


Perfecto Cypress Support

Perfecto has added full support for the Cypress test automation framework. Cypress is a growing front-end testing solution for web. Perfecto customers can use the Perfecto-Cypress SDK that provides:

  • Running Cypress tests in the cloud in parallel at scale.
  • Running from a secured repository from the command-line of a CI tool, such as Jenkins.
  • Enhanced quality visibility, tagging, and debugging purposes.
  • Seamless installation and full compliance with Cypress open-source.
Run Cypress at scale. All reporting in one view.

Key Benefits of Perfecto with Cypress

  • More OS versions, parallel test execution, quick support for new browser versions.
  • Full integration with CI/CD: executable from CI and the command line.
  • Unified solution for Cypress, Selenium, WebDriverIO, and other frameworks.
  • Advanced reporting and intelligent analysis.

Get Started


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Get detailed analysis of Cypress runs and others in one view.


DevTunnel Support — Command Line Interface (CLI)

A new command-line interface (CLI) is now available for DevTunnel to enable the creation of DevTunnel sessions without the use of the Perfecto UI. Perfecto provides the following CLI scripts:

  • DevTunnelCLI: Creates and connects a DevTunnel session with a device.
  • DevTunnelCLISession: Creates a DevTunnel session with a device (without connecting to the device) and returns the session ID as output. You can then use the session ID in your scripts to open a connection and run a session against the device.

For more information, see Connect to DevTunnel through the CLI.

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Expanded Device, OS, & Browser Support

Perfecto continues its immediate support of mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers.

New Devices

Apple iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max

whats new


New Mobile Platforms 


whats new


New Desktop Web Platforms


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Junit5 Test Framework Support

Perfecto now supports the Junit 5 TestWatcher as part of its reporting SDK. Customers can configure and run their tests using the latest Junit 5 framework and leverage the APIs of this framework at the end of the test. This extends additional and useful output and better reports back to the Perfecto dashboard (testAborted, testSuccessful, testFailed, testDisabled).

For details, see the Sample JUnit 5 Git Repository.

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Test Filtering With XCode Test Plan

Perfecto now supports the execution of XCode test plans in its iOS device cloud. Customers can leverage the XCode Test Plan features that are supported in XCode to filter and run via the Perfecto XCUITest gradle plugin their specified test scenarios.

The ability is supported through a new configurable parameter in the plugin JSON file.

To learn more on how to get started, please refer to the documentation here.

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Device Groups and Device Management

In this release, Perfecto added support for device management under Assets and Setup > Admin > Devices. With this feature, admin users can edit devices and administer device groups. Device groups are an easy way to manage user access to devices. Each group consists of one or more devices and is assigned to one or more users. Those users then have access to this group of devices.

In this view, you can also:

  • Filter devices by status.
  • Search for specific devices.
  • Open a view that lists all device groups at a glance.
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New Perfecto Repository APIs

Perfecto implemented a new set of APIs to allow customers to perform various actions against their repository. The APIs support a few sets of action, including:

  • Direct upload and download.
  • Getting a list of repository items.
  • Viewing and editing artifact details.
  • Moving and deleting artifacts.

To learn more on how to use these new APIs visit here.

Support for IDP in Users View

For new and existing users, Perfecto now supports configuring external authentication through a 3rd-party identity provider (IdP) in the Users view. If your organization works with more than one IdP, you can select the required IdP from a list.

This feature works hand-in-hand with just-in-time (JIT) user provisioning, now allowing you to configure an external user with the correct roles and device groups before that user logs in to Perfecto for the first time. Without this step, users get created without Perfecto roles and groups or, upon request only, with a set of default roles and a single group.

In the UI, external users display a key icon for quick distinction.

For more information, see Manage users and Perfecto SSO for external IdP.

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Platforms Support

Perfecto continues its immediate support of mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers with the following versions:

New Mobile Platforms Support:

whats new

New Desktop Web Platforms Support:

whats new

Robot Framework Support

Perfecto now integrates with Robot Framework, a generic open-source automation framework available for test automation and robotic process automation (RPA). The new integration enables you to run your Robot Framework tests and view execution reports in Perfecto. Follow the instructions in the documentation page to get started.

For details, see the Robot Framework Documentation Page.

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Platform Support

Perfecto continues its immediate support of mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers with the following versions:

whats new

Apple iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max Support:

New Mobile Platforms Support:

whats new


New Desktop Web Platforms Support:

whats new

Quantum 1.22 Framework Support

Quantum 1.22.0 is now available. Quantum is Perfecto's automation framework, designed to give you everything you need from a framework with built-in, seamless Perfecto integration. It provides testNG integration for execution management, the ability to write BDD scripts, and a wide range of pre-built commands. Quantum is available as a free download from GitHub and can be extended as needed.

The new release introduces the following changes:

  • Added the option for a device availability check before creating a driver.
  • Upgraded the Appium Java Client to version 7.3.0.
  • Fixed an issue with a new pattern in the step parameter.
  • Added service functions of the Perfecto features including call, SMS, and email.
  • Upgraded log4j to log4j version 2.
  • Added application installation utility methods to perform sensor instrumentation to the project.
  • Added Accessibility Audit Command method, steps, and download features.
  • Fixed a bug in the image injection step definition.
  • Added a condition to not quit the driver if there is a shared deviceSessionId capability in the driver. 

For details, see the Quantum 1.22.0 release notes.

New Object Spy in Manual Testing

Perfecto simplified the Fingerprint and Face ID Injection feature by removing the need to enter an application name.

To learn how to configure and use it, please refer to the documentation.

whats new
whats new
whats new

Platforms Support

Perfecto continues its immediate support of mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers with the following versions.

New Mobile Platforms Support:

whats new

Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Support:

whats new

New Desktop Web Platforms Support:

whats new

New Object Spy in Manual Testing

Perfecto's Object Spy is now available in the Manual Testing view. Object Spy supports the creation process of your test automation by providing information about object locators/identifiers. It is seamlessly operated, with no need for any external tool support.

With Object Spy, you can explore objects on the device screen, either on webpages or in native and hybrid applications, and view them in the Object tree pane, along with their smart locator, XPath, and various other properties in the adjacent Properties pane. The object tree presents a hierarchical view of all objects retrieved from the webpage or app. You can either select an object on the device screen or in the tree hierarchy to view related information and easily copy the required path or property to the clipboard.

To learn how to configure and use it, please refer to the documentation.

whats new

Android APKs Support

Perfecto has added support for Android builds with APKs files (file extension. apks). An APKs file is an APK set archive generated by bundletool, a utility used for creating and managing Android App Bundles (.aab files). Now, you can use APKs files for automation testing with Perfecto by installing the APKs file directly on a Perfecto device.

With APKs files, Google enforces a new application development method and delivery process that improves the end-user experience and reduces app size and network/environment dependencies. For app developers and testers, APKs files come with new considerations and implications in terms of process orientation and continuous testing.

For a closer look at the steps you can take to prepare your teams for APKs testing, see our latest blog post.

whats new

Selenium 4 Alpha Support

Perfecto now supports the early release of Selenium 4 alpha on selected platforms. This release is 100% W3C compliant, but the new standard requires changes in your scripts to make them browser compliant, such as the definitions of desired capabilities (for example browserVersion instead of version).

Selenium 4 is packed with productivity features, including relative locators, a modified Selenium IDE, a new Selenium Grid implementation, and integration with the Chrome debugging protocol (CDP) for additional debugging abilities. Other features and improvements include:

  • Cross-browser support for Selenium commands.
  • Improvements to request tracing and logging with hooks for better debugging.
  • Updated documentation (not updated since Selenium 2.0).
  • WebDriver protocol for capabilities (transitioned from the Legacy/JSON Wire protocol).
  • Chromedriver and EdgeDriver, inherited from ChromiumDriver, offering predefined access to dev tools for performance measurement.
  • Support for working in two different windows simultaneously.

In addition, Selenium 4 ends support for Opera and headless testing with Phantom.

For more details on Selenium 4, see our dedicated blog post.

Social Blog What to Expect with Selenium

Visual Analysis Enhancements

With the new release, perfecto enhances the use of the haystack selection, making it easier to use. When performing text or image analysis, users can now select the haystack on the device screen itself, without the need to define percentages in the form (see below). You can still fine-tune your selection using the available fields.

whats new

Platforms support

Perfecto continues its immediate support of mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers with the following versions:

  • iOS 14.0.1 GA
  • iOS 14.2 Beta
  • Android 11 GA
  • Google Pixel 4a5G and Pixel 5
  • Microsoft Edge Browser 86 Beta
  • Firefox 81 GA and 82 Beta
  • Android API level 29 with a support for Perfecto custom popup to overcome a limitation for testing.

Visual Analysis Enhancements

Perfecto enhanced its visual analysis testing to allow users to include the commands for text and image analysis prior to the parameter configurations. Such enhancements shorten the overall visual test automation creation time and help create better and more robust scenarios.
To learn more on using visual analysis in live manual testing and automation, read more here.

Image Whats New Aug 20-1

New Jenkins Plugin

Perfecto generated a new Jenkins plugin that meets the most recent and rigorous requirements from Jenkins. This includes enhanced security, support for using Perfecto connect within the plugin, and better documentation. The new plugin page is available here.

To learn how to configure and use it, please refer to the documentation.

Image Whats New Aug 20-2

Platforms support

Perfecto continues its immediate support of new mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers with the following versions.

Image Whats New Aug 20-3
  • iOS14 Beta 4
  • iOS 13.6.1 GA
  • Samsung Galaxy A11
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Device Reservations

Perfecto added support for device reservations under Assets and Setup. With this feature, users can reserve one or more devices for immediate or future use to ensure they are available when you need them. 

The new Reservations view presents a clearly structured calendar with options to view reservation details and device details and to add descriptions, make changes, or delete reservations. Making a new reservation is a quick, 2-step process where you select your device or devices from a filterable list and then select the reservation time. You have full visibility into the schedule of each device.

Administrators are able to see all reservations at a glance, including the user who made a reservation, and also filter by users.

Image Whats New July 20-1

File Transfer Support

Perfecto added support for File Transfer in the Manual Testing view. With File Transfer, users can now do any of the following on an open device:

  • Transfer files between the device memory or SD card and the repository.
  • Download files from the device memory or SD card to a local computer.
  • Upload files from a local computer to the device memory card or SD card.
  • Delete files from the device memory or SD card, or from the repository.
  • Search for files in the repository.
  • View files in the repository with their locator.

To learn more on the new capability, please read more here.

Image Whats New July 20-2

Read more on Perfecto’s user management here.

WebDriverIO 5 Framework Support for Web Test Automation

Perfecto integrates extended its support to WebDriverIO 5 for web testing and added support for the new mobile testing dedicated command setValue.

To read more on the support for this framework, please refer to the following documentation.

Platforms Support

Perfecto continues its immediate support of mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers with the following versions:

  • iOS14 Beta 3
  • iOS 13.6 GA
  • iOS 12.4.8 GA
  • Google Chrome 84
  • Microsoft Edge 84
  • Firefox 79 GA and 80 Beta

Repository Management

Perfecto added support for repository management under Assets and Setup. The Perfecto repository is the storage where you keep and manage all your digital assets, such as Android and iOS apps, images, audio files, scripts, or any other files you may need for testing purposes. In the Repository management view, you can upload, download, and delete files, search for files, or modify file information.

The repository has a flat structure. It does not include any folders or subfolders. If you need to distinguish between files that have the same filename, you can change the file name. If you need to keep the file name, you can change the locator, which essentially serves as a virtual path. The locator is the file path that is included in your automation code and API calls. If you migrated from a repository in the legacy Perfecto UI, the locator also represents the former folder structure or hierarchy. It allows you to find files that once resided in the same folder.

Image Whats New June 20 1

User Management Support

Perfecto added support for user management under Assets and Setup. With this feature, admin users can now use the latest Perfecto UI to manage users and their access to functionality in the Perfecto UI by assigning appropriate user roles. It is now possible to:

  • Select and edit multiple users at once to change their status, assign them to roles, or delete them.
  • Edit individual users and change their password. For a selected user, a side panel lists all relevant user details. 

This new approach greatly simplifies user management as a whole.

Image Whats New June 20 2

Read more on Perfecto’s user management here.

Botium Integration

Perfecto integrates with Botium, an automation testing tool for chatbots using APIs. Botium also provides management tools with out-of-the-box test environments and test sets. By integrating Botium with Perfecto, you can run your Botium tests in the Perfecto lab and leverage the advanced reporting solution. 

Image Whats New June 20 3

Read more on Perfecto’s integration with Botium here.

Device and Apps Vitals

Perfecto added support for collecting device and application vitals in the Manual Testing view. The vitals feature collects useful performance data for an open device (default) or the selected application (not supported by all devices), in real time. If you have several devices open, you can collect vitals for each of them. For each device, the vitals feature collects the vitals that the specific device supports.

You can view this information in the UI or download it as a .csv file for use in any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. Performance data includes network, CPU, and memory usage (model specific), all of which measure the general performance of the device or the application and determine how efficiently an application uses resources.

Image Whats New June 20 4

Learn more on using Perfecto’s vitals here.

Jest Framework Integration

Perfecto integrates with Jest, an open source testing framework built on JavaScript and designed mainly for React and React Native-based web applications. It is one of the most popular test runners and the default choice for React projects. Jest ships as a npm package. You can install it in any JavaScript project. A sample GitHub repository showing how to integrate your existing Jest tests with Perfecto is available here.

By integrating Jest and Selenium Webdriver with Perfecto, you can run your Jest tests in the Perfecto cloud at scale and across mobile and web platforms to leverage the advanced reporting platform.

Image Whats New June 20 5

Learn more on the integration with Jest here.

DevTunnel Support

Perfecto added support for its DevTunnel in the Manual Testing view. Now, users can install DevTunnel and connect to the open device through DevTunnel from the device toolbar.

DevTunnel allows customers to connect to a remote device in the cloud as if it was available locally on their workstation over a USB cable. At the same time, they can fully control the device environment to perform development and debugging activities. If you are a developer, Perfecto DevTunnel lets you:

  • Share resources: Share real mobile devices, hosted across the globe for your development activities, without the need for local pools of devices at each location to cover multiple OS versions and device models. Devices are always available and accessible.
  • Reduce time to fix: DevTunnel's remote access lets you debug on remote devices, reproduce complex issues, and easily configure the environment while you have full access to your debugger.
  • Easy setup and integration: DevTunnel is easy to set up and is fully integrated with your existing tool stack.
Image Whats New June 20 6

Learn more on using Perfecto’s DevTunnel here.

Repository Access

Perfecto’s customers can now access the Perfecto repository from options such as image injection, audio injection, and visual analysis. With this feature, customers can now add files from the repository during manual testing and perform the end-to-end testing.

Image Whats New June 20 7

Platforms Support

Perfecto continues its immediate support of mobile devices, OS versions, and desktop browsers with the following versions:

  • iOS14 Public Beta
  • iOS 13.5.1 GA
  • iOS and iPad OS 13.6 Beta 3
  • Android 11 Beta 1.5
  • Firefox 78 GA and 79 Beta
  • Chrome 84 Beta

Integration With Apache Ivy

Perfecto has released its integration with Apache Ivy, an Agile dependency manager. Ivy manages project dependencies such as recording, tracking, resolving, and reporting aspects of a project. 

Image Whats New May 20 2

To learn more on this integration, please read more here.

New Platforms Support

Perfecto continues to support the latest desktop browsers, mobile devices, and mobile OS versions as they are being released to the market. 

Recent updates include:

  • Android 11 Developer Preview 3
  • iOS and iPad OS 13.5 GA
  • iOS 12.4.7 GA
  • New iPhone SE, 2020
  • Edge Browser 83
  • Chrome Browser 83
  • Firefox 76 GA, Firefox 77 Beta

Visual Testing Support in HTML5 UI

There is now added support for visual analysis functionality in the Manual Testing view. Visual analysis facilitates advanced verification of visual or textual elements on the screen. This feature is based on a deep analysis of a screenshot of the actual device screen that serves as a 100% reflection of what the user sees. 

Text analysis is based on optical character recognition (OCR) and provides the ability to validate the presence (or absence) of any textual element in different forms (full, partial, and so on). Perfecto translates any visual analysis action into a valuable code snippet that you can embed into any test automation script in different coding flavors.

Image Whats New May 20 3
Image Whats New May 20 4

To learn more on visual analysis testing with Perfecto please read more here.

Integration With TestModeller.IO

Perfecto now integrates with TestModeller by Curiosity Software, a model-based test automation tool for open source automation frameworks. 

Test Modeller enables you to model a system under test as BPMN-style flowcharts. It automatically generates test cases from the model, optimizing testing for time and risk. It also defines test data at the model level and generates data at the same time as the test cases. Test Modeller exports test automation scenarios, automatically generating coverage-focused automation scripts. It also exports test cases to test case management lifecycle tools such as Jira, ALM, Octane, and so on. Test Modeller analyzes test results and manages existing artifacts with visual dashboards and a file management system that introduces traceability between test assets. With this integration, you can execute model-based test automation with devices hosted in Perfecto.

Image Whats New May 20 5

To learn more on the integration and get started with it, please read more here.

Integration With 21 by 21Labs

Perfecto now integrates with 21, a sophisticated self-learning automation platform for mobile applications by 21Labs. With this integration, you can run your tests on virtual or real devices, and view the execution results, including video and logs, in Perfecto. You can run a test suite with Perfecto and 21 through the UI or through continuous integration (CI). The results will appear in Perfecto, 21, and on the CI Server in JUnit format. Running individual tests is similarly seamless. You select the infrastructure, manufacturer, device, OS, and a test. 21 sets the desired capabilities, installs the right build, and shows you the test while it is being executed, indicating each screen and step. At the end of each step, you have access to videos, logs, and a detailed execution trail, and you can see the results in both Perfecto and 21.

Image Whats New May 20 6

To learn more on the integration and get started with it, please read more here.

Enhanced Integration With Accessibility Solution AXE by Deque

Perfecto now integrates with Axe, an accessibility testing toolkit by Deque that is built on a popular accessibility rules library. It enables development teams to test their web or Android applications to identify and resolve common accessibility issues. Axe is built to scale, so you can run ad-hoc single-page tests and tests that include hundreds of thousands of pages while integrated into existing CI/CD processes. With the Perfecto integration, you can work with the Axe core library to complete an accessibility scan on a desktop or mobile browser.

Image Whats New May 20 7

To learn more on the integration and get started with it, please read more here.

Audio Connection and SIM Card Availability at a Glance (HTML5 UI)

The manual testing view now includes two new columns that indicate whether a mobile device is connected to audio or has a SIM card installed. This information ensures that you can quickly select the device best equipped for the test at hand.

Image Whats New May 20 8

Har File Recording for Desktop Web Testing

Perfecto added support for recording HAR files during desktop web testing. When this feature is enabled and your website under test uses WebSockets, they appear in the generated HAR file under _webSocketMessages. To enable this feature, contact Perfecto Support.

For more information, see Set up HAR files for desktop web testing.

Image Whats New April 20 1

Get License Information API

Perfect extended its API with a new API to retrieve information on all desktop and simulator Virtual devices (Simulators/Emulators). This includes information on how many licenses are allowed, how many are currently in use, how many are free to use, and how many minutes are available if a burst-capability package is part of the plan. By specifying the device type, it is also possible to get license information for desktop devices only or simulators only.

For details, see Get License InformationGet License Information by Type | Simulators , and Get License Information by Type | Desktop Web.

Image Whats New April 20 2
Image Whats New April 20 3

Secure popups on iOS 13 devices

To overcome a security constrain in iOS 13, that prevented testing secure popups, Perfecto added support for viewing and interacting secure popups on iOS 13 devices. With this enhancement, secure popups are now visible. Previously, such popups would not show on the screen and could therefore not be dismissed, causing the screen to hang.

Image Whats New April 20 4

Integration with Detox Framework

Perfecto now integrates with Detox, a JavaScript mobile testing framework that is built into the application so that the test execution starts with the app launch. This makes test execution fast and robust because no external additional tools are needed to orchestrate and synchronize during test execution.

Image Whats New April 20 5

To learn more on the integration with Detox, read here.

Manual Testing Enhancements (HTML5 UI)

Image Injection Support

Added support for image injection in the Manual Testing view. With this feature, it is now possible to mock the use of the camera to test application actions, for example focus or image placement, in apps that rely on camera usage, such as barcode readers or bank check scanning apps. Image injection supports uploaded images in .jpeg, .jpg, .png, or .bmp format. The feature requires that you install the application with sensor instrumentation enabled. 

Image Whats New April 20 6

Audio Injection Support

Added support for audio injection in the Manual Testing view. With this feature, it is now possible to mimic microphone reception. This is helpful when testing actions in apps that rely on audio input. Audio injection mocks the use of the microphone by using an uploaded audio file in .mp3 or .wav format and presenting it to the application as if it was read by the device microphone. The device you use for testing must have a separate audio jack and be connected to audio. If you need a specific device connected, contact Perfecto Support. 

Image Whats New April 20 7

Device Log Retrieval

Added support for device log retrieval in the Manual Testing view. With this feature, it is now possible to view a configurable number of lines from the open device's operating log. The log includes valuable data that can help understand execution problems. The default number of lines retrieved is 500.

Image Whats New APril 20 8

Platform support

Added support for Appium 1.17 on iOS and Android devices.

Accessibility Testing

Perfecto now provides integration with the mobile platform accessibility tools Accessibility Inspector (iOS) and Accessibility Scanner (Android). With support for these tools, you can make accessibility testing part of your routine to ensure everyone can use your app, including vision, hearing, or otherwise impaired users. These tools check the current application screen for accessibility issues and report problems related to the use of labels, text contrast, dynamic font size, view hierarchy, and touch target or hit area size.

You can add audit results in Perfecto test reporting in the form of attachments, with one attachment per audited screen. The use of descriptive tags, for example login screen, included in the names of audit reports makes it easy to match each report with the respective screen in the app. Based on the results, you can then go ahead and resolve the reported issues in your app.

For more information, see our accessibility testing documentation.

Perfecto Actions

Perfecto added a new, modern way to create, execute, and schedule maintenance scripts. With PerfectoActions, it is now possible to handle the cleanup, reboot, and retrieval of network settings in parallel and across all or specific devices in the Perfecto lab. In addition, PerfectoActions provide an option for scheduling these scripts to run at the desired interval, depending on the devices involved. 

Results, as shown in the following image, appear in a fully responsive, accessible HTML report with direct access to available devices. Users have the option to search for devices in the displayed HTML table, view direct API results for clean and restart commands, raise a Perfecto support ticket, open the Perfecto cloud, navigate to Perfecto documentation, and get information on device status, model, OS version, and SIM operator graphs.

For more information, see create, execute, and schedule maintenance scripts (Perfecto IDE alternative).

Image Whats New March 20-1

Manual Testing

  • Device Dashboard — In the Test Analysis view, the Live Stream tab now opens the device dashboard in video mode by default. In this mode, Perfecto displays a video for each execution that is currently running, with the device that most recently displayed on the left. The dashboard shows up to 8 devices at once. You can also set a filter or use the search field to limit the number of devices shown, focusing only on the ones relevant to you. For each execution, it is possible to view details (such as the owner, start time, duration, device or browser, platform, and resolution) and switch to full-screen view. 
Image Whats New March 20-2
  • Set Location Option — Perfecto added support for setting the location for devices in the Manual Testing view. This enables testing a location-aware app that uses Location Services to generate location data without moving the device from place to place. As location, Perfecto accepts an address (full or partial) or a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates.
Image Whats New March 20-3
  • Fingerprint and Face ID Injections — Added support for the injection of a fingerprint or face ID, depending on the device model. With this option, an open device in the Manual Testing view now includes an option to inject a passing or failing fingerprint or face ID.
Image Whats New March 20-4
  • Network Virtualization — Perfecto added support for network virtualization. An open device in the Manual Testing view now includes an option to simulate application behavior in different network environments. You can select from a list of preset network conditions or customize the conditions to match your requirements.
Image Whats New March 20-5
  • Call Me and SMS Me Options — Perfecto added support for Call Me and SMS Me options for devices in the Manual Testing view. For devices that have a SIM card installed, these options make it now possible to simulate everyday situations while an application is running. This allows you to test how a device responds to such runtime events.
Image Whats New March 20-6

Hidden Fields on iOS 13.x Devices

Perfecto added support for hidden fields in iOS 13. With this enhancement, clicking a secure field, such as a password field, now automatically opens a form for text entry, including the option to decrypt characters.  

Image Whats New March 20-7

Biometric API

Perfecto added support for the new-generation API from Android for biometric factors. With this API, you can implement the testing of fingerprint biometric authentication on Android devices.

Biometric factors, such as fingerprints, allow for secure authentication on mobile devices. The Android platform includes authentication via fingerprint biometrics but can be customized to work with other forms of biometric authentication as well.

Biometric implementations are subject to specific security requirements. For more information on biometrics on Android, see this Biometrics article.

Integration with NeoLoad

Perfecto now integrates seamlessly with NeoLoad, an automated performance testing platform developed by Neotys. Synthetic performance monitoring is nice, but testing on real devices is the best practice to validate the performance of your app and eliminate bottlenecks. With the NeoLoad integration, you can regularly execute Perfecto scripts on a limited number of real devices, in parallel, to performance-load testing, thus getting end-user experience measurements from real devices while the server is loaded.

For step-by-step integration instructions, see our NeoLoad documentation.

Support for the Latest Devices

Perfecto clouds now support Samsung Galaxy Fold Z and the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Image Whats New March 20-8

Perfecto Status Page

Our new Perfecto Status page now provides up-to-date information on the current state of Perfecto services, including scheduled maintenance windows and past incidents. Subscribe to updates to receive email notifications whenever Perfecto creates, updates, or resolves an incident, or subscribe to specific incidents as they occur.

Image Whats New February 20-1

Open Multiple Devices

In the Manual Testing view, Perfecto now supports up to 6 concurrent device sessions per user. This applies to both mobile and web devices. When the maximum number of device sessions is running, Perfecto displays an information message.

Image Whats New February 20-2

Device Session Timeout

In the Manual Testing view, device sessions now time out after 15 minutes of inactivity. If it is not in use by another user, you can reconnect to the device from the My Devices tab.

Image Whats New February 20-3

Session Sharing for Desktop Web

Session sharing for desktop web is now available for early access in US East. With this feature, you can work interactively on a web device while simultaneously executing a test script from your favorite IDE. Watch this short video to see how.

Hidden Fields on iOS 13.x Devices

Added support for hidden fields in iOS 13. With this enhancement, clicking a secure field, such as a password field, now automatically opens a form for text entry, including the option to decrypt characters. Previously, it was possible to enter text, but the field appeared to remain empty. Watch this short video to see how it works.

Integration with Katalon Studio

Perfecto now integrates seamlessly with Katalon Studio, a comprehensive tool for the creation of web, mobile app, API, and desktop automation tests. This integration creates a comprehensive solution, with test automation creation on one end and end-to-end support for all areas of app testing on the other end, including scalable test execution and in-depth test failure analysis (Smart Reporting). Using Katalon with the Perfecto plugin provides custom capabilities for connecting the remote drivers with your Perfecto cloud, synchronization with Perfecto Smart Reporting, the ability to run tests in parallel or sequentially, and insight into CI activity via the CI Dashboard.

For step-by-step integration instructions, see our Katalon Studio documentation.

Support for iOS 13.4 Beta 2

Application Management:

When testing a device manually, view a list of apps installed on the open device, search for apps, run and stop apps, and uninstall apps.

For each installed app, the Applications form now lists an icon along with the application name, version, and installation date. Hovering an app row to see the start, stop, and delete buttons.

Image Whats New December 20-1

Change Password

Change the password is now available from the user menu.

Browser Support

Added support for Chromium-based Microsoft Edge 79.

Platform Support

Added support for Appium 1.16 on iOS and Android devices.

Automated Testing:

  • Appium Inspector — Perfecto now supports the use of Appium Inspector, an Appium Desktop feature, to look up or locate elements of an application and to perform basic actions on these elements. Appium Inspector replaces the functionality previously provided by Object Spy in the Perfecto IDE.
Image Whats New December 19-1

Manual Interactive:

  • Rotate Device — You can now rotate an open device to switch between portrait and landscape mode as needed and take screenshots in the required orientation, as shown in the following figure.
Image Whats New December 19-2

Re-sign Apps: When you install an application on an iOS device, you can now select to re-sign it. Perfecto replaces the app's signature with a Perfecto code-signing certificate that has the cloud device provisioned. 

Image Whats New December 19-3

Session Timeout: Perfecto now displays a reminder 30 seconds before your session is going to time out, with an option to continue the session. By default, a timeout occurs after 15 minutes of inactivity. 

Image Whats New December 19-4

Manual Interactive:

  • Device cleanup — When you end a device session using the End test form (available by clicking), you can now select to clean up the device before it is released by clicking the red box.
Image Whats New November 19-2
  • Device restart — During a session, you can now restart a device by clicking the power cycle button on the device toolbar.
  • Ignore a running test — The End test form (available by clicking  the red box) now includes the option to ignore the test that is currently running. This is the new default. With this option selected, you can end the test and release the device without having a report generated.
  • End a test and start a new one — When you select Mark PASSED or Mark FAILED in the End test form, you can now select between ending the test and releasing the device or ending the test and starting a new test.
  • Copy link to report — When you select Mark PASSED or Mark FAILED in the End test form, a link to the generated report now appears at the bottom of the form, along with a Copy to clipboard option. The report is usually available within a few minutes, but not immediately.

Web License Counter

The Web folder now includes a counter that displays the number of available licenses, similar to the device counter for mobile testing.

Smart Reporting with XCTest

Perfecto Smart Reporting now includes screenshots for XCTest-based tests as steps in the resulting report. Previously, screenshots were added as attachments to reports on XCTest tests.

Image Whats New November 19

Test Analysis View

Perfecto Smart Reporting now provides the option to collapse retries of the same test into a single test report. For a test to be considered a retry, it must share the same parameters and CI job name and number or be part of the same execution. Perfecto does not list a test that is considered a retry in the grid and does not take it into account when calculating statistics. Only the last test in a retry series makes it into the statistics.

When the Retry feature is turned on, the STR shows the last execution of the report by default. You can navigate between retries by clicking the previous/next arrows in the report title.

File List and File Info Commands (for Web)

Added new Perfecto commands, perfecto:file:list and Perfecto:file:info. If a Web test creates files on the machine on which the test ran, you can use these commands to view a list of all files created and to receive information on specific files. Both commands work in combination with the download file command.

Put file command

The mobile:media:put command now supports copying files to other folders within iOS applications, in particular: Documents, Library, and tmp. This is available for both interactive and automation testing. For details, see Put file (FR).

Fast web UI – user experience enhancements:

  • Initiating a new session only takes seconds.
  • Multilingual keyboard input
  • Support for native keyboard shortcuts and key combinations
  • Support for all mouse actions, such as hover, click, and drag
  • Clipboard sharing (copy-and-paste) between the local machine and a remote desktop

Leading devices
Perfecto now supports leading devices in public and private cloud instance.

When testing scripts while there wasn’t a specific device was selected, Perfecto selects one of the leading market device*, with the latest OS.   

This ensures that your tests always run again the most relevant, stable, popular devices with the highest possible OS version

*Selection criteria are defined by the user (per cloud)

Download file command

Added a new Perfecto command, perfecto:file:download. If a test includes downloading a file to the remote machine on which the test ran, you can use this API to get a link to download the file from the remote machine and then download it to your local machine. For more information, including usage and examples, see Download file (FR)

MAC OS 10.15 support (Catalina)

Google Pixel 4 support

Image Google Pixel 4

iOS13.1.3 support

You can now take a screenshot of the remote web machine or mobile device and save it on your local machine.

Image Whats New September 19
Image Whats New September 19-2

Base URL for Web Interactive: For web devices, you can now specify a URL to open on startup:

Image Whats New September 19-3

iPhone 11 models and latest iPad models support

Apple iPad 10.2 inch 2019

iOS 13 support for all apple devices

iOS 13 screenshot

HTML UI: Indication of Who is using a device - This is helpful if you need access to a device currently in use by someone else – if the user’s email address is available in the system.

The UI provides a link to the default email client configured. 

Image Whats New August 19

Manual 'end test' for mobile interactive: As of now, once you stop your test manually you can define the test status – Passed / Failed (more statuses to come) and add failure descriptions manually in cases you don’t specify success.

Image Whats New August 19-2

Perfecto’s release 19.9 includes the following product enhancements:

Smart test automation: Perfecto launched as GA its revolutionary codeless test automation solution. Customers can now use a smart record and playback solution that is AI-driven to quickly generate reliable and zero-maintenance test scripts that are fully compliant with Selenium framework. The solution is fully integrated with the leading CI severs and supports a built-in test scheduler.

Perfecto 19.9

Smart reporting and analytics: Customers can easily view the test executions from within the new HTML5 UI via the ‘execution center.’ This layer of visibility shows per platform activity with live video and execution status.

Smart lab enhancements: Perfecto continuously adds support to the market digital web and mobile platforms. In the latest release, Perfecto offers support for the latest iOS13 beta 3, Chrome 67 beta browser, and Android Q (10) beta 4.


To read in more in depth on release 19.9, please refer to this link:

Perfecto’s release 19.8 includes the following product enhancements:

Smart test automation: In this release, Perfecto made great enhancements to Appium test automation framework support. Customers can now use the following methods as part of their test code development and enhance their functional test coverage.


  • openNotifications() is now supported (Android)
  • findElementByAndroidUIAutomator() is now supported (Android)
  • findElement(MobileBy.AccessibilityId()  is now supported (Android)
  • lockDevice() is now supported (iOS)
  • unlockDevice is now supported (iOS)
  • isDeviceLocked is now supported (iOS)
  • setClipboardText is now supported (iOS)
  • Added support for "withTapCount" parameter in touchAction() command (iOS)


To read in more in depth on release 19.8, please refer to this link:

Perfecto released two product versions during May 2019. Release 19.6 and release 19.7 included the following product enhancements:

Smart test automation: Perfecto is fully compliant and supports the latest Appium 1.12.1 version.

Smart test automation: There is no longer a need for an IDE plugin to work with the Perfecto lab from within your IDE of choice. Simply use the Perfecto session ID within the desired capabilities as shown above to develop your Appium/Selenium test automation script.


Smart test automation: Perfecto introduced a new test automation framework support. Customers can create test automation using Karma test automation. Learn more on the integration through the Git repository.

Perfecto May 2019 Karma


Smart test automation: Customers that are using XCUITest and Espresso can now add mock locations to their scripts and cover location-based scenarios regardless of where the physical device is based. To learn more on the new functionality, refer to this documentation.

Smart lab enhancements: Perfecto introduced support for multiple drivers. This feature allows development of test automation code with Appium to cover scenarios like calling from one smartphone to the other and also viewing both devices within a single test report.


Smart lab enhancements: Continuous support for new mobile and desktop web platforms is offered to our customers. In recent releases, Perfecto supports the latest iOS12.3 GA and 12.4 beta.


To read in more in depth on release 19.6 and release 19.7, please refer to these links:


Perfecto’s release 19.5 includes the following product enhancements:

Smart lab enhancements: In this release, Perfecto continued its transition to the new HTML5 UI. It’s now easy to generate a new security token within the new UI as highlighted in the image below.


Smart lab enhancements: Perfecto now offers support for Safari browser test automation under iOS12.2 and above. There have been some limitations when automating on Safari with this platform, and they are now resolved.


To read in more in depth on release 19.5, please refer to this link:

Perfecto’s release 19.3 and release 19.4 included the following product enhancements:

Smart lab enhancements: In this release, Perfecto started its migration to a new 100% HTML5 UI that introduced major usability and performance enhancements when using the desktop web browsers and mobile devices for interactive as well as automation testing. The experience is now simpler, faster, and higher quality. To learn more on the latest supported platforms, please refer to this page.

Smart test automation: In this release, Perfecto completed its migration and support for the latest Selenium server version 3.141.59. Executions of Selenium test automation scripts for desktop web apps are now fully compliant with the latest version. In addition, Perfecto is fully compliant with the recent Appium release of 1.11.1.

Overall quality enhancements: This release includes additional bug fixes across the entire solution to ensure smooth functionality and service.


To read in more in depth on release 19.3 and 19.4, please refer to these links:

Perfecto’s release 19.2 includes the following product enhancements:

Smart test automation: In release 19.2, Perfecto made important enhancements to some of its supported test automation frameworks, Appium and XCUITest.

XCUITest now supports sharding. This enables test automation scripts to be split across multiple devices and be executed in parallel to expedite both the execution time as well as the feedback loop. To enable this option and configure the number of devices to shard, customers should configure the XCUITest gradle plugin according to the below image.

Perfecto 19.2

Smart test automation: Perfecto upgraded its support to comply with the latest Appium V1.10 release. This ensures full compatibility with the Appium open-source standard APIs. To learn more on what’s supported by Appium 1.10, please refer to this page.

Smart lab enhancements: Perfecto introduced an innovative AI-based lab functionality to self-heal mobile devices in case they got disconnected or locked through security patterns. Perfecto’s lab can automatically identify that the device got disconnected from the Wi-Fi or that it got locked by a pattern and resolve it automatically to enable continuous testing and unblock the executions. Self-healing features are enabled by default for all private cloud customers.


To read in more in depth on release 19.2, please refer to this link:

Perfecto’s release 19.1 includes the following product enhancements:

Smart reporting and analytics: Ability to identify iOS native application crashes through the test report with access to the crash logs.


Smart reporting and analytics: Perfecto added the ability to assign a root cause of a failure post test execution. In case the report couldn’t assign the root cause automatically, teams can identify the failure reason post execution and add it to the report for future tracking, trends, and analysis.


Smart test automation: Perfecto introduces the ability to include within an Android Espresso test script the device location from one of the global Perfecto data centers. This option allows developers and testers to specify the Android smartphone or tablet location prior to the execution to get relevant value from the test. In many cases the location of the device within the data center has great importance to the execution results.


To read in more in depth on release 19.1, please refer to this link:


  • Introducing SMART Reporting & Analytics:

    •  Triage your test results faster

    • Define & Track the top failures reasons of your automation

    • Remove “noise” related to flakiness and false-negative test resultPerfecto SMART Reporting lets you better understand why some of the tests fail by categorizing them, clean noise created due to orchestration & environmental issues and achieve faster triaging process.

  • Improved Image Streaming

  • Perfecto’s New HTML5-based UI