Why Continuous Testing?

Continuous testing is about incorporating a testing mentality at every stage in the software development lifecycle.

The ability to verify the quality of software after each code change in an automated way in the CI process offers great benefits for all QA testing and DevOps practitioners and improves efficiencies across the entire DevOps pipeline.

Implementing continuous testing isn’t easy. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry. According to a recent survey, 43% of organizations haven’t adopted DevOps yet.

With integrations built for nearly every testing framework, unparalleled quick-view visual analytics, and built into all major CI platforms, Perfecto has the tools to help ease your transition to a successful continuous testing strategy.

continuous testing

5 Keys to Continuous Testing Success


Quality Code

Developing test code the right way from the start can mean the difference between a high value test suite and a time-consuming, flaky and inefficient one. To enable continuous testing, treat test code the same as production code.



Incorporate a methodology into the continuous testing process to identify, evaluate and mitigate the causes and consequences of a bad user experience. Consider time, value, impact, history – and don’t neglect developers’ gut instincts.



Continuous testing generates huge amounts of data that can give testers and developers new insight into specific issues and provide managers with dashboard-level views for “go, no-go” decision making.



Banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers and anyone with a mission-critical app needs to test against real-world conditions. Provide QA testers and developers with high-value test data and ensure that it evolves with the apps.



A stable lab means that all platforms connected to it, together with supporting test environments, 3rd party tools and APIs, are working 24/7 with near-zero downtime. Cloud is highly recommended for this purpose.

Automated Testing vs. Continuous Testing

At first glance, “automated testing” and “continuous testing” might seem interchangeable, however, continuous testing is about more than automation; it’s about business risk – especially the risk of losing your competitive advantage and loyal customer base.

Continuous testing ensures that despite quicker release schedules, your brand’s reputation and the user experience are protected.


3 Fundamentals of Continuous Testing

Innovation is key to staying competitive. And one bad experience or one killer escaped bug can ruin a brand. Continuous testing avoids business-killing software failures by ensuring continuous alignment of 3 critical factors:



Each person has a unique responsibility within the delivery pipeline, each one must have the proper skills for their role, and communication and collaboration among team members is critical for success.



Instead of “automating everything” teams should start small, focusing on test automation code quality, stability and efficiency, and its ability to provide valuable feedback to developers and build on their success.



An unstable environment can make or break a DevOps team. And stability is more than just matching the test lab and the environment to the tools of the team. It’s also about alignment with the teams’ skills and software methodologies, such as BDD, ATDD, TDD and others.

Test Automation Strategy for Beginners

Automated testing is intimidating for beginners. How can teams infuse automation into the DevOps process and achieve continuous testing? Use this eBook to understand how to craft a test automation strategy that will empower your DevOps processes, accelerate delivery, and reduce manual labor.

eBook: Test Automation Strategy for Beginners

8 Continuous Testing Considerations for DevOps Managers


Number of Projects

And their type (mobile, web, responsive web, progressive web, etc.)


Team Size

Dev, test, ops, source code management, etc.


Team Skill Sets

Development languages, testing framework familiarity.


Lifecycle Methods

Software development lifecycle methods – ATDD, BDD, etc.


Tool Chain

Technology availability – which tool stack is currently in use and what is missing?



Market trends and analytics to support new features, user stories, etc.


Lab Sizing

And coverage requirements.


Clear Metrics

That are achievable, meaningful, and clearly understood.

The Perfecto Continuous Quality Platform gives DevOps teams everything they need to develop, implement and maintain continuous testing throughout the DevOps pipeline, including:

CI Dashboard: Key Insights into the CI Pipeline

The Perfecto CI dashboard provides a high-level summary of each build test results with multiple artifacts, including filtering by branches, build trending over time, build execution length trends and more. This dashboard helps teams reduce the duration of the overall CI build assessment and get to actionable answers faster.

CI Dashboard 1

Fast Feedback: Perfecto DigitalZoom

To employ a CT workflow, teams need a fast feedback loop from the time code is being changed, tested and ready to release. Perfecto’s DigitalZoom® offers an all-in-one solution for fast feedback and quality visibility throughout the DevOps pipeline. Each DevOps team member, whether a developer, tester, operations manager or executive, can leverage the relevant dashboard and reporting capabilities – logs, videos, network files, etc. – to get the right level of detail and insights to drive quality data-driven decisions.

ci dashboard

Open & Integrated

Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab enables DevOps teams to develop and test their web (responsive, Progressive) and mobile native apps using all the leading test automation frameworks, IDEs and continuous integration servers they commonly use.

Perfecto is integrated with more X frameworks, including:


In addition, DevOps teams can leverage our rich IDE plugins for: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Android Studio and Visual Studio, and execute their build acceptance tests using Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo and more.

Testing Is Just One Piece of the Puzzle

From text execution to analysis & a smart testing lab, Perfecto has you covered end to end.