Every test needs high quality test data in order to properly simulate the functionality of your app and ensure it is working properly. However, obtaining high quality data isn’t easy. In order to generate PII-free test data, teams often turn to manual test data creation, which is time-consuming, hard to maintain, and hard to generate the variety of data needed in order to execute robust and realistic testing scenarios.

BlazeMeter Brings Synthetic Test Data Generation to Perfecto

Ditch the inefficiencies of manual test data creation. Now you can spin up high quality test data on-demand by leveraging BlazeMeter Test Data for your mobile tests in Perfecto via a simple API. Check out the benefits: 

  • Save time - Do not waste time with manufacturing test data by hand. Spend more time focusing on the test itself.
  • Better quality tests - Get comprehensive test data with desired variety, resulting in better and more robust tests.
  • Better efficiency – Reuse data between tests or generate a fresh batch each time.
  • Ensure test data consistency – Simplify test environment setup.

Use Cases of Test Data for Mobile

Generating PII-Free Data

Using PII or production data is not an option as it can pose security risks and violation of GDPR compliance. BlazeMeter Test Data allows Perfecto users to generate their own PII-free data for their mobile testing!

test mobile data

Generate Missing Data

Sometimes data needed for a test is not complete. 

Example: You are testing your mobile app and you need inputs of New Jersey addresses – if you don’t readily have them, BlazeMeter Test Data can generate this for you.

Testers may need specific data to conduct edge testing. 

Example: You are testing a use case where a mobile subscription expires on a specific date (and premium features disappear), you will want to test dates closely before and after the expiration date.

test mobile data

Generate Data for Negative Testing

What happens when you input wrong/bad data in your testing? Will your test be robust enough to give the appropriate response

BlazeMeter Test Data can generate incorrect data or data in the wrong format.

Example: If someone types in “Wisconsin” in a form field that is asking for a Birth Date.

test mobile data

Synthetic Test Data Saves the Day

Make test data dependencies a thing of the past by leveraging BlazeMeter's synthetic test data to generate the data required accomplish your testing goals on time.

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High quality test data is essential to powering successful mobile apps. Using BlazeMeter Test Data with Perfecto makes it easy for you to test with confidence.