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February 2, 2022

How to Accelerate Accessibility Testing With Appium, Perfecto & Evinced  


What is the best way to ensure your web and mobile apps are accessible? Incorporate automated accessibility testing into your testing strategies.  

Automating accessibility testing can be efficient and effective with the right test automation software. In this blog, we will cover how to leverage Evinced Mobile Analyzer, Appium SDK, and Perfecto to accelerate accessibility testing.  

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Perfecto + Evinced Solutions  

Evinced is an accessibility software company that goes beyond legacy analysis to provide accessibility automation to enterprise developers. Using advanced rulesets, computer vision, and AI algorithms, Evinced automatically detects and pinpoints accessibility problems and suggests fixes.  

There are two ways to do accessibility testing with Perfecto:  

Evinced Mobile Flow Analyzer  

The Evinced Mobile Flow Analyzer is a free tool that lets you analyze any native mobile apps for accessibility concerns by connecting to a mobile device from your computer. Once you’re connected, you can use the Mobile Flow Analyzer to scan any native mobile app for accessibility concerns.  

After the scans are completed, the Mobile Flow Analyzer provides actionable reports with a single click, making it easy for developers to communicate. In addition to developers, these reports are also beneficial to test engineers and product managers by eliminating the need to access the source code directly to discover accessibility concerns. 

 While these Mobile Flow Analyzer features are certainly helpful, Evinced does not have access to all the devices and operating systems that teams need.  

Perfecto provides a robust cloud-based continuous testing infrastructure that allows teams to check their apps on almost every device and operating system combination. By combining Perfecto's devices with Evinced's scanning and accessibility reporting capabilities teams can speed up their test cycle. This blog offers a guide to using the Evinced Mobile Flow Analyzer desktop software to connect to an iOS device in the Perfecto cloud. 

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Evinced Appium SDK  

Another solution that can be leveraged with Perfecto is the Evinced Appium SDK, which allows developers to pinpoint accessibility issues. The Evinced API goes beyond what the iOS and Android accessibility APIs offer to help employees find more issues that could be impacting the accessibility of an application.  

Perfecto is built on top of Appium, allowing teams to add accessibility scenarios for both iOS and Android functional tests. This blog shows how to take an existing Appium test running on a Perfecto device and add the Evinced engine to scan for accessibility issues. 

Not only can teams leverage Evinced to test on hundreds of devices and operating systems that Perfecto provides, but also additional insights from Perfecto including videos, logs, and screenshots.  

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The Bottom Line 

Unlock the potential of automated accessibility testing for your native mobile apps with Perfecto and Evinced. See a demo of accessibility testing, image injection, as well as other advanced mobile testing capabilities that you can explore with Perfecto.  

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